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Custom Portable Magnetic Lifters

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Portable Magnetic Lifters Technology Data:

Part No: HS-PKL
Dimension: 140*100*190 mm / 124*100*270 mm
Rated Lifting Capacity: 50 KG
Test Max Pull off Force: 170 KG
Weight: 2.7 KG

Customized Cam type magnetic lifter adopts high strength permanent magnet material. The magnetic stripe is arranged at the bottom of the body, which can lift steel plate and iron plate. And its simple structure leaves out the maintenance steps of conventional products. This product is mainly used to lift saw blades, small grinding tool, power distribution boxes and other small workpiece, and will not damage the surface of them. Beside that, it is safe, efficient and convenient to operate.

Product Details:
1. Item: Cam type magnetic lifter
2. Type: Permanent
3. Power source: Magnetic force
4. Capacity: 150kg
5. Braking load is 4 times of working load limited
6. Usage: Lifting
7. Size: 140*100*190 mm
8. Special specifications and marks can be made according to customers requirement

Principles: The hand held permanent magnetic lifter has a strong magnetic field with the use of (NdFeB) magnetic materials. The On/Off mechanism is controlled by the manual handle.
The lifting power will never weaken provided the lifter is kept at temperatures of under 80 degrees Celsius.
Designed to lift one piece of plate at a time.

Application: For the use of lifting and moving ferrous metal plate, blocks and other magnetic material.

Features: Light and ingeniously constructed for easy moving and lifting applications, with strong magnetic
attraction power for safe handling.

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Product Range

Part No. Rated Lifting Capacity(KG) Test Max Pull off Force (kg) Length(mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
HS-HML 50 150 140 180 28 1.8
HS-LS3 30 105 148 158 25 1.3
HS-PKL 50 170 100 124 270 (inclued handle) 2.7
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