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Custom-made Wind Generator Magnet Assemblies

/Custom-made Wind Generator Magnet Assemblies
  • Custom-made Wind Generator Magnet Assemblies

Custom-made Wind Generator Magnet Assemblies, Sintered NdFeB Wind Power Magnets, Customized Wind Motor rare earth magnet, strong sintered neodymium magnets for wind generators, industrial Ndfeb magnet

Custom-made Wind Generator Magnet Assemblies Detailed specifications:
1.Size: Custom-made according to your requirements.
2.Grade:All kind of grade with N35 – N55, 30M – 52M, 30H – 50H, 30SH – 48SH, 28UH – 42UH, 30EH – 40EH, 30AH – 38AH.
3.Performance: High flux, high coercive force, low temperature coefficient and low loss of irreversible.
4.Coating:Ni,Zn, NiCuNi, Epoxy,Nicu+Epoxy,NiCu+Sn,Passivation,Silver, Gold, Teflon,Everlube etc.
5.Application: Motor assemblies, Automobile,Wind Generator,MRI,Speaker,IT industry ,Sensor,Communication equipments , Scanner, Camera, Home appliance and so on.
6.Certificates: SGS, ISO9001:2000,ROHS

Magnet for MW Wind Generator has very high comprehensive performance, so it can stand extremely harsh environment and own very long life time.
About 21% of our magnets are used in wind generator.We has successfully produced many specifications for wind generators.
And we not only have obtained the certification for Permanent Magnet Industrialization for MW wind PMG, but also have more than 10 invention patents and application patents on material research and equipment improvement for magnets of PMG .
Most of the wind generator magnets are large block shape, tile shape and wedge shape in Ni+epoxy coating,the grade is always in M,H,SH series.In 2014,the new production line which has the imported Germany and Japan equipment it will help to improve the property consistency of the big wind generator magnet and the production efficiency. Sintered NdFeB Windpower Magnets

HSMAG was founded in 2005,as a professional manufacturer and exporter,we are specialized in designing and producing of rare earth magnet ,especially for sintered and bonded NdFeB(Neodymium) magnets. Currently we mass produce N52,50M,48H,45SH, 40UH, 38EH , 33AH and other grade of sintered NdFeB(Neodymium) magnet.They are widely used in Automobile, Wind Power, Servo and so on. Our factory is located in Ningbo ,Where is the industrial bases of Ndfeb magnet.

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