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Custom Ceramic Bonded Magnets

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Custom Ceramic Bonded Magnets, Custom Polymer Bonded Ferrite Rings, Anisotropic Isotropic Ferrite Bonded Magnets, Plastic Bonded Ferrite Rotor Magnet, polymer bonded Sm-Fe-N magnets China factory

Custom Ceramic Bonded Magnets Feature:
Part No.: BFMPC-10
Type: Permanent
Composite: Ferrite Magnet (Ceramic Magnet)
Size: Custom
Application: Motors, Devices, Printers, Sensors, CD/DVD ROM and so on.
Packing: cartons / pallets
Delivery Date: 10-18 days
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air
Production Capacity: 10,000 pc per day

Bonded permanent ferrite is a magnet compounded by magnetic powder and high polymer materials through the special craft. Isotropic Anisotropic Bonded Ferrite Ring Magnets
Ferrite has high coercive force and high resistance to demagnetized and oxidized than other non-rare earth permanent magnets.
It’s superior to the sintered magnet in aspects of magnet shaping, size precision, flexibility etc. It’s biggest advantage is it’s low cost with high quality.

Attributes of Ceramic Magnets
* Economical
* High Hc and Hci compared to Alnico.
* More fragile than other types of magnets, thus manufactured in simple shapes only.
* Require expensive tooling.
* Increased temperature sensitivity.

Ceramic Magnet Applications Include:
* DC Permanent magnet motors
* Separators
* Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines
* Magnetos
* DC Brushless Motors
* Speaker Magnets
* Sweeper Bars
* Holding Assemblies
* Humbucker Pickups

Choose HSMAG Industries for Ceramic Magnets
Remember, when you order custom wholesale ceramic magnets from HSMAG Industries you are ordering a 100% made in China product. Find out today how competitive we are with imported magnets and experience our superior customer service and fast shipping times. Contact us today to request a quote on magnets made to your custom design.

Ceramic or Ferrite Magnet Machining, Handling, and Limitations
It is important to note that Ceramic (or sometimes referred to as Ferrite) Magnets are very hard and are also quite brittle. This makes these magnets subject to chipping or breakage when dropped on a hard surface. If you allow two ceramic magnets to snap together, this will most likely result in several sharp pieces. Ceramic magnets are not flexible, will not withstand impact and would be a poor choice for structural purposes.


  • Customized is Available
  • Affordable price
  • Quality guaranteed
  • T/T or L/C accepted
  • Other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

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