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Cu Coating Neodymium Magnets Cylinder

/Cu Coating Neodymium Magnets Cylinder
  • Cu Coating Neodymium Magnets Cylinder

Cu Coating Neodymium Magnets Cylinder Shaped, Cu Plating Neodymium Rod Magnets, Copper Coating Rare Earth Neo Cylinder Magnet, Sintered NdFeB Cylindrical Magnets China Supplier

Cu Coating Neodymium Magnets Rod Shaped feature: Neodymium is a rare earth type of permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron. Neo magnets are currently the strongest permanent magnets known. It is also one of the most abundant of the rare earth elements.
These magnets are cheaper, lighter, and stronger than samarium-cobalt magnets. However, neodymium magnets lose their magnetism at high temperatures. Samarium-cobalt magnets do not.
Neo tends to be vulnerable to corrosion similar to rusting, causing the magnet to weaken and eventually break down into a powder. This problem is solved by applying a protective coating. Nickel plating or nickel/copper/nickel plating is used as a standard method, although many other protective coatings are also in use.
It is not recommended to use the magnet without a protective layer. The application of the magnet will affect the choice of coating. For example gold plating is ideal for many medical applications, rubber coating provides additional friction, rubber coated zinc plating is used in marine environments, etc.

Wholesale neo magnetsNeodymium Magnet Coatings
Titanium (Ti)
Tin (Sn)
Silver (Ag)
Gold (Au)
Zinc (Zn)
Nickel (Ni)
Nickel-Copper-Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Titanium Nitride (TiN)
Parylene C
PTFE (also known as “Teflon®”; white, black, gray, silvery)
Ni-Cu-Ni plus Epoxy
Ni-Cu-Ni plus Rubber
Zn plus Rubber
Ni-Cu-Ni plus Parylene C
Ni-Cu-Ni plus PTFE
Tin (Sn) plus Parylene C
Zinc Chromate
Phosphate Passivation

Neodymium magnets have replaced Alnico and ferrite magnets in many applications where strong permanent magnets are required. The greater strength allows the use of smaller, lighter magnets in many applications.

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