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Countersunk Ferrite Channel Magnet

/Countersunk Ferrite Channel Magnet

Countersunk Ferrite Channel Magnet, Mounting Magnets, Latch Ceramic Channel Magnets, Rectangular Ferrite Channel Magnets with sunken hole, Latch Pot Magnet Channel Assemblies

Ferrite Channel Magnet Feature:
Part No.: HSCHM-C01
Material: Rectangular Iron Shell, Ceramic/ Ferrite Magnets
Magnet Grade: Y30BH
Surface Treatment: NiCuNi Plating or Zinc-plated
Size: 25.4mm x 22.3mm x 6.35mm with 3.175mm hole
Vertical Pull (Kg): 6.1
Slide Resistance (Kg): 1.2
Fixing: 3mm Screw
Max Working Temperature: 180℃ or as per needs
6.1kg maximum pull from the magnetic surface when in flush contact with a mild steel surface of equal thickness to the magnet
Innovative rectangular design with steel casing which greatly increases performance
The magnet’s north pole is on the centre of the magnet’s face with the south pole on the outer edge meaning both poles are on the same face
Ferrite (Y30BH) steel-cased channel magnet with central fixing hole
Resistant to corrosion so no extra coating required

These Rectangle channel magnets offer excellent value with a maximum pull strength of 6.1kg. The innovative channel design with steel casing greatly increases performance. Each magnet can be screwed into place using a 3mm screw and has a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. They are commonly used around the home and for holding machine parts in place.

Usually we glue one rectangular ferrite magnet into a galvanized or NiCuNi-plated steel channel to form this magnetic channel. Due to the centre hole design, this kind of channel magnets could be easily fixed or mounted into the ferrous targets for holding and attracting.

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Product Range



Part No. L(mm) W(mm)
H(mm) R(mm) Force(N)
HSCHM-C01 25.4 22.3 6.35 3.175 44
HSCHM-C02 76 23 6.5 x 95


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