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Compression Bonded Magnets

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Compression bonded magnets (Plastic bonded magnets) are available using many isotropic neodymium iron boron material grades as well as crushed & powdered samarium cobalt materials. Combinations of different material grades may also be used to create specific magnetic characteristics. Compression bonded magnets offers higher magnetic strength than injection molded magnets due to their higher magnetic particle density, but are limited to simpler geometries.

Compression bonding is most appropriate for relatively simple geometries due to limitations of the compaction process. The tooling costs for compression bonding is comparatively low, making it a better choice than injection molding where volumes are small. However, with modest automation, compression bonding can also be adopted for high volume manufacturing, with volumes upto millions of pieces per year.
Compression Bonded Neodymium
+ High Magnetic Strength               + Good Chemical Resistance
+ Tight Tolerances Possible            – Susceptible to Surface Oxidation
+ Good Mechanical Strength          – Lower Temperature Resistance
+ Lower Tooling Costs

Neodymium magnets can be manufactured in several ways, and one of the most innovative is the process of compression bonding.

Compression bonding is a die-pressing process that involves mixing neodymium powder with an epoxy binder and pressing high-density parts that are then oven-cured.

Compression bonding results in magnets that exhibit higher energy products (more than 10 MGOe) than those made by injection molding; however they are limited to more basic shapes due to the nature of the die-pressing process.

Compression bonded neodymium magnets are ideal for applications requiring tight tolerances and high magnetic strength. They are isotropic – so they may be magnetized in any direction – and the epoxy binder allows bonded magnets to be resistant to most industrial automotive fluids and solvents. Compression bonded magnets exhibit good mechanical strength. Tooling costs are generally lower than they are for injection molded parts. Bonded magnets have an operating temperature range from -40˚C to 165˚C.

By blending different grades of neodymium material, it is possible to create magnets with very specific and unique magnetic characteristics.

Due to the level of surface porosity, compression bonded neodymium magnets should be coated in order to prevent them from oxidizing. HangSeng Magnetech offers a variety of coating and plating options, and our engineering department will be happy to recommend one for your specific application.

HangSeng Magnetech’s knowledgeable product development team will assist you in choosing the optimal combination of binder and magnet material for your specific application. Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.

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Product Range

Bonded Neodymium Magnetic Ring
Part No. Outer Dia. (OD) Thick Inner Dia. (ID) Lift Strength MGOe Grade Max Op. Temp. (C) Finish Can Machine? Impact Resist.
BCM-R-01 1.023” 0.197″ 0.866″ 0.6 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-R-02 1.023” 0.394″ 0.866″ 1.1 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-R-03 1.181” 0.197″ 0.63″ 2 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-R-04 1.378” 0.197″ 0.827″ 2 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-R-05 1.181” 0.394″ 0.63″ 4 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good



Bonded Neodymium Magnetic Disc
Part No. Outer Diameter (OD) Thick Lift Strength MGOe Grade Max Operating Temp. (C) Finish Can Machine? Impact Resist.
BCM-D-01 0.08″ 0.197″ 0.3 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-02 0.188″ 0.138″ 0.3 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-03 0.197″ 0.08’ 0.3 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-04 0.236″ 0.08″ 0.3 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-05 0.08″ 0.394″ 0.6 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-06 0.118″ 0.275″ 0.6 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-07 0.197″ 0.157″ 0.6 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-08 0.236″ 0.157″ 0.7 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-09 0.335″ 0.118″ 0.7 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
BCM-D-10 0.157″ 0.275″ 0.8 10 10 110° Black Epoxy Yes Good
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