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Colorful Ferrite Square Magnetic Hooks

/Colorful Ferrite Square Magnetic Hooks
  • colorful strong ferrite square magnetic hooks

Colorful ferrite square decorative magnetic hooks, Brief seamless super suction and no trace ferrite magnet hook microwave refrigerator door ceramic magnetic hook 

Ferrite Square Magnetic Hooks Feature:

Type: Permanent
Magnet Composite: Ferrite Magnet
Shape: Square Magnetic Hook
Category: Magnetic Tool
Coating: Colorful Painting
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, Green, Nickle
Applications: Decoration, Dailyuse, Home, Kitchen, Bathroom
Tolerance: +/-0.5mm & +/-0.1mm
Material: Steel, Plastic, Magnet

Square Magnetic Hooks are easy to attach to any metal smooth surface, making them a perfect hanging tool to stick on refrigerators, microwaves or steel bars. This hook can be place in the bathroom, dining room, kitchen or any room with metal surfaces. It’s a useful household tool. Its cute square sugus shape and bright color makes it a great decorative addition to any room.

  • Perfect used for fridge magnet and hanging hook
  • Strong Magnetism force,easy to attach to any metal smooth surface
  • Cute square sugus shape and bright color
  • Made of ferrite magnet and stainless steel
  • Can be magnetized in orientation direction
  • A variety of forms and Mature technology
  • High performance, coercive force and maximum energy

Ferrite is a material has a very good resistance to corrosion and a high maximum operating temperature, making it a very versatile magnetic material. An added advantage of Ferrite Square Magnetic Hooks is that they are chip- and crack-resistant. Ferrite Square Hook Magnets come in a variety of forms.


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Product Range

Part No. Dimensions Holding Force
NdMCH07-01 20 x 20 x 10 mm 1.2 kgs
NdMCH07-02 25 x 25 x 12 mm 1.6 kgs
NdMCH07-03 30 x 30 x 15 mm 2.0 kgs
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