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Colored Round ABS Plastic Office Whiteboard Memo Magnets

/Colored Round ABS Plastic Office Whiteboard Memo Magnets
  • Colored Round ABS Plastic Office Whiteboard Memo Magnets

Colored Round ABS Plastic Office Whiteboard Memo Magnets, Plastic Disc Ceramic Permanent Magnet, Glassboard Magnets, Colorful Plastic Case Round Magnetic Buttons, Polypropylen Coating Strong Ferrite Round Magnet, Whiteboards, Planning and Refrigerator Magnets China Supplier

Colored Round ABS Plastic Office Whiteboard Memo Magnets Specification:
Material: ceramic and plastic shell
Size: approx. 30 x 10mm (D x H)
Shape: Round, disc
Uses: office, advertising, education and other purposes
Super strong and can hold up to 18 pieces of A4 paper
Small magnets, easy to handle
It can be used on noticeboard, fridge, whiteboard, DIY craft, etc

Plastic magnet is powerful ceramic magnet enclosed in a durable plastic housing. As the magnet’s no-plating is completely covered by plastic cover, these magnets are safe to use in harsh environments especially does well in the underwater application, also the magnet is very durable and will not chip or break from usage.

colored button magnets, Disc Magnet style. Dimensions are 30 mm diameter by 10 mm length. Ideal for whiteboard magnets, office magnets, refrigerator magnets, and map pins. Perfect for hanging papers directly on any magnetic surface (except glass).
Hold and categorise letters, bills, receipts, lists, paperwork & memos together!
Write on them
Label them with DYMO/Brother label tapes
Pad-print on them, for a unique marketing device that stays on peoples fridges and filing cabinets!

Custom Colored Whiteboard Memo Office Round Magnets
Assorted Colors with Mint Red, White, Black, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple and Yellow
Work well on file cabinets, Whiteboards, Planning and Refrigerator
Perfect for Home, School and Office
These High Grade magnets are strong!, hold some artworks, Christmas lights and a lot material against magnetic friendly surface
Custom Colored Whiteboard Memo Office Round Magnets, Colorful Plastic Cover Round Ceramic Button Magnets

Needed rubber coated magnets for a bath shower liner, and these are like the only ones that exist. They are perfect for use in the shower. If one should fall, they won’t chip a steel tub since they are coated. CONSTRUCTION TIP: To stick your shower liner to the wall to seal water from getting on the floor, silicone a couple of stainless steel coins (5 peso coins work great) to the tile wall above the edge of the tub, one about 4″ above the lip of the tub and the other about 38″ above the tub lip. Buy some Rustoleum enamel spray paint, the same color as your tile and give them a couple of coats before applying a dab of silicone to glue them to your tile. Since the coins are steel, they are magnetic. When you get in the shower and before turning on the water, simply pull the liner against your tile wall and place the magnets on top of the liner where the steel coins are underneath. The liner will be held perfectly against the wall with no water on the floor. This works great and forever solves your water problem on the floor. Remove when exiting the shower, and store on a counter or bath shelf til next time.

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