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Clip in Magnetic Catches

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Clip in Magnetic Catches, Snap-In Rectangular PP Magnetic Catch, Clip in Magnetic Door Catchers, Clip in Recessed Magnetic Catches w/ counterplate for Door Cupboard Cabinet Home / Kitchen Furniture, Magnetic Door Catch with Strong Magnetic for Kitchen Cupboard Wardrobe Closet Cabinet Door Drawer Latch

These clip in magnetic catches can be used on metal or plastic sheets where they can be sunk into very narrow door jambs. Easy to fit, they require no screws, they simply clip in.

Clip-in Magnetic Catches supplied by HSMAG can be used on metal or plastic sheets. They are designed to easily fit where they can be sunk into very narrow door jambs. They require no screws – they just simply clip in. The Clip-in Magnetic Catches are supplied with counterplates (screws are not included for the counterplate). The colour options available are white and black.


  • The Clip-in Magnetic Catches can be used on metal or plastic – they just simply clip in and require no screws at all
  • They are supplied with counterplates
  • Available in either white or black
  • Depending on the version the maximum possible holding force achievable is 2kg to 15kg
  • Catch body is made from polystyrene with a ferrite magnet

Cabinet magnets made of high quality stainless steel,ensuring quality and longevity.Ideal for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, RV and closets.
With a magnetic force of up to 25 lbs, this drawer closet magnet latch can close the door more efficiently.The superb magnetic force makes it difficult for your child and pet to open the door so that add extra safety to your home.
Magnetic Door Catch design is small and well-made, so it is ideal for gaps between the opening and closing of various doors or drawers, without unusual bumps.
Screws are given in each door magnet set, Sold in a value pack. Easy to DIY install. Don’t worry about the screws size and no need to buy them separately.
You can also give it as a gift to a friend who is recently renovated at home.

Do you often feel uneasy about the door that cannot be closed? Can your pet easily drag and drop items from the closet?  magnetic capture can help you solve these problems perfectly! Our magnetic clasps are made of high quality stainless steel for rust and abrasion resistance. It has a strong appeal and a thin appearance and can be used in a variety of occasions such as bedrooms, bathrooms and wardrobes. Bring more convenience to your life while improving the safety of your family. Adjustable Surface Magnetic Catches

Why choose cabinet metal buckle:
✔ Stainless steel is more durable, less rusting and has a longer service life.
✔ Small size, even if installed on furniture, will not damage the beauty of home decoration.
✔ Strong magnetic force ensures a safe shutdown.

Installation location:
1 Lower panel of the cabinet.
2 The upper panel of the cabinet.
3 cabinet side panels.

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Product Range

Part No. Colour Size Pull (kg)
HSMC-C01 White 24mm L x 9.5mm W x 12mm H 2Kgs
HSMC-C02 Black 64mm L x 10mm W x 12mm H 8Kgs
HSMC-C03 Black/White/Brown 25.5mm L x 9.6mm W x 12mm H 2Kgs
HSMC-C04 White 39.5mm L x 10mm W x 12mm H 3Kgs
HSMC-C05 BlacK 46.6mm L x 18.5mm W x 21.5mm H 6Kgs
HSMC-C06 Black/White/Brown 54.8mm L x 12.5mm W x 17mm H 15Kgs


Clip in Recessed Magnetic Catches w counterplate Black Clip in Recessed Magnetic Catches w counterplate