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Circulus Stir Bars Barbell-shaped PTFE

/Circulus Stir Bars Barbell-shaped PTFE
  • Circulus Stir Bars Barbell-shaped PTFE

Circulus Stir Bars Barbell-shaped PTFE, PTFE Coating Circulus Magnetic Stirring Bar, Teflon Barbell Stirbar, Circulus Teflon Magnetic Stir Bar with Red/white/blue/yellow Color-Coded Ends

Circulus Stir Bars Barbell-shaped PTFE offers fast mixing action, high turbulence, greater stability and less drifting at higher speeds. With permanent magnet AlNiCo V core. Excellent centering due to the small contact sur- face, and effective mixing. Dumbbell shape with a bar in the center and flat disks at the ends centers the bar during spinning and provides turbulence, helps prevent drifting, and reduces surface contact at high speeds. Teflon (PTFE) casing is chemically inert, can be used with corrosive chemicals, and helps reduce friction and wear while spinning. For stirring viscous and high-density liquids and fluids containing metal particles in containers with round or convex bottoms. Internal magnet made from alnico V, an alloy of aluminum, nickel, iron, and cobalt.

Featured is a double-ended PTFE Barbell Stirbar, ideal for stable, efficient stirring.  A stir bar (also known as a flea, spin bar, stirring bar or stirbar) is a magnetic bar used to stir a liquid mixture or solution, usually in a laboratory.  The stir bar’s motion id driven by a separate rotating magnet or assembly of electromagnets (i.e. coils) located beneath the vessel containing the liquid.

High-density solutions, fluid suspensions containing metal particles, and round or convex bottomed-vessels. The stirbars feature solid Teflon® PTFE end wheels and a bar. Circulus Stir Bars offer fast mixing action and strong turbulence as well as greater stability with less drifting at higher speeds.

Quick blending with high turbulence and greater steadiness
Minimal drifting at high speeds
Perfect for ‘difficult’ liquids
PTFE construction
ALNICO V encapsulated magnet
Ideal for containers with round or convex bottoms
All sizes have solid FDA grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE end disks, a bar, and an Alnico magnet
Manufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2008 facility, as verified by SGS certification

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Product Range

Part No. Disk/Ends Color Length
TFN-1.636-W White
1⁷⁄₁₆” (36mm)
TFN-1.636-R Red 1⁷⁄₁₆” (36mm)
TFN-1.636-Y Yellow
1⁷⁄₁₆” (36mm)
TFN-1.636-B Blue 1⁷⁄₁₆” (36mm)
TFN-1.654-W White 2⅛” (54mm)
TFN-1.654-R Red
2⅛” (54mm)
TFN-1.654-Y Yellow 2⅛” (54mm)
TFN-1.654-B Blue
2⅛” (54mm)
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