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China Manufacturing N50 Cone NdFeB Magnets

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  • China Manufacturing N50 Cone NdFeB Magnets

China Manufacturing N50 Cone NdFeB Magnets, Neo Cone shaped Magnets, Powerful Amazing Custom trapezoid taper cone cone-shape rare earth strong magnets, premium extremely super strong cone trapezoidal magnet, Powerful Rare Earth ultra-strength Special Shaped NdFeB magnet, Sintered Neodymium Magnet China Supplier

China Manufacturing N50 Cone NdFeB Magnets Specifications
Diameter 1″ (25.40mm)
Height 1″ (25.40mm)
Max Working Temp 80°C
Plating/Coating Nickel
Strength Neodymium 50
Direction of Magnetism North at tip; South at base

1″ (25.40mm) diameter base x 1″ (25.40mm) tall. Cone Magnets North at tip, South at base, Nickel Plated. N50 Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth Magnets

Cone Magnets are manufactured so the DOM is set during the manufacturing process and cannot be changed. Available options during manufacturing for DOM:
From the base to the tip / top
Our Large Cone Magnets are defined with a base equal to or greater than 1.000” (25.40mm). The base, height, and top will determine the reach and profile of the magnetic field and performance of the cone magnets.

Most common coating on magnets
Actually 3 layers, nickel-copper-nickel
Protection of the magnet from corrosion in ambient air
Not a protective coating from humidity, water, or salt water
Light protection of the magnet from chipping
A decorative finish
Shiny metallic gray finish
Thickness: 12-25 microns
Cost: Low
Max working Temp: Approximately 200oC

Material Ndfeb Magnet; Neodymium Magnet; Permanent Magnet
Grade According to magnet application and working temperature
Shape Block, Bar, Disc, Ring, Cylingder, Segment, and irregular shapes can be done with drawings.
Size Customized sizes according to requirement
Coating Nickel, Zinc, Black epoxy, Grey Epoxy, Gold, Rubber, etc
Magnetization direction Axially; Radially or Special requirement
Mechanical tolerance:±0.05mm; ±0.03mm
Sample order 3-7days
Bulk order 12-18 days

Pressing and Sintering
Fine NdFeB powder is compacted in a die and then sintered, fusing the powder into a solid material. There are 2 forms of pressing: die pressing (which involves a hard die into which the powder is placed and then pressed), and isostatic pressing (involving a special “rubber” die into which powder is placed and then pressed with equal force in all directions on the powder). Die pressed parts are usually made smaller than isostatically pressed parts. Although the magnetic properties of isostatically pressed parts are higher, the uniformity of magnetic characteristics is usually lower than that of die pressed parts. Sintered parts normally need some finish machining in order to meet final tolerances.

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