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Ceiling Magnets Rectangular with Open Hook, White Plastic

/Ceiling Magnets Rectangular with Open Hook, White Plastic
  • Ceiling Magnets Rectangular with Open Hook, White Plastic

Ceiling Magnets Rectangular with Open Hook, White Plastic Casing, Rectangle Ceiling Magnet, Rectangular Magnetic Hooks Ceramic Block

Ceiling Magnets Execution: with hook, plastic body, white laminated

The plastic ceiling magnet from HS Magnetech are made of white plastic and fitted with a hanging hook. Order the desired ceiling magnets. The plastic magnet are made of white plastic and fitted with hanging eye, hook or threaded hole. They are part of an ideal hanging system for all your objects.

Powerful Plastic Ceiling Magnet,  Laminated Magnets, Sandwich Magnet

The laminated magnets are made with steel laminations for extra pull force and flexibility. The laminated magnet is enclosed in a plastic shell. We welcome your questions if you need advice.

Browse the possibilities or ask HSMAG for recommendations. Please Contact us.

1. Pot magnets, also called Cup Magnets, Magnetic Holders or Magnet Hooks, are made of permanent magnet encased in a metal pot, and feature a hole, thread, boss or removable hook in centre of the magnets. The pot is an essential part of the magnetic circuit. the active magnet face is not enclosed. When Pot magnets hold any metal parts, the magnetic force in this circuit is stronger than that of alone magnet. It is the most efficient design for gripping, also provide an easy, non-destructive way to suspend objects or attach them to metal.

2. Material: Outside is Fe, inside is magnet.

Magnet can be: NdFeB, Alnico, SmCo, Ferrite.

Surface can be Zn, Ni, Cr, Epoxy, painting, Rubber cover etc.

3. Application:

Hanging signs and lights
Fastening antennas
Holding tarps
Making retrieval tools
Holding through non-ferrous materials
Use for fastening or holding steel doors
Insertion into molds
Insertion into fixtures
For car roof signs


Super Durable
Amazing strong, sturdy and reliable magnetic hook in portable size, Made of high grade and exquisite quality magnet and steel.

Open Shape Hook
Open shape hook can hold things easily without decoupling.  Rectangular Plastic Ceiling Magnets with Hook

Steady without Drilling
This magnetic hooks can be used indoor or outdoor, school, home, office, workshop, warehouse and garage.

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Product Range

Part No. Length Width Total Height Holding force
mm mm mm kg
HSCM-300.010/01 53 27,5 28 15
HSCM-300.010/02 53 27,5 28 18
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