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Boutonniere and Corsage Magnets, Boutonniere Buddy Simple Neo Magnet, Craft Do It Yourself high-powered Ndfeb disc magnets, Standard Boutonniere Buddy Pins boutonniere or corsage magnets for dances or weddings

Boutonniere and Corsage Magnets – Part No. HSBACM02
Size: 0.5″ Wide
Grade: N35
Coating: Nickel
Remove anxiety, and put the fun back into attaching a boutonniere to your prom date! Use Boutonniere Magnet which is a high-powered magnet stick that is easily wrapped within a boutonniere or corsage. No wire, glue, or pins required. This patented design allows you to attach a corsage or boutonniere easily, without any damage to fine fabrics. Boutonniere Buddy is lightweight and won’t weigh down a dress, suit, or tuxedo lapel. To Use: Simply slide the magnet off the back and place under the garment in the desired spot.

Looking for wedding supplies to complete your corsages and boutonnieres? Check out these handy silver magnets. No pins, no holes, no pin pricks! Simply glue the boutonniere to one magnet, or wrap magnets with wires around stems and cover with floral tape. Slip other magnet under dress fabric or lapel. Corsage or boutonniere snaps in place.
Flower Daisy Handmade Boutonniere Magnetic Stick Brooch Pin Men’s Accessories
Quick and Easy for florists to use! No pins, wire or glue!
Strongest magnets in the industry!
Eliminates pin holes, easy to put on and adjust!
Flowers last longer with less handling!
Simplifies inventory! BoutStix is one size fits all!

Boutonniere and Corsage Magnets are premium floral magnet sticks used by florists when making boutonnieres and corsages.
No pins, wire or glue, we are simply wrapped with flowers!
Corsage magnet is the easiest to use corsage magnet available.

Each flower magnet stick has a high-powered magnet completely imbedded at the top and it’s unique patented hourglass shape keeps in place after wrapping.

Planning to make your boutonnieres and corsages?
Tips when using disc magnets
Prior to wrapping, place the magnet as high up behind the flower as possible. Wrapping may start anywhere on the disc magnets. As long as half of the disc magnets stem is wrapped, it will be secure with its unique patented hourglass shape.
boutonniere magnets  disc magnets help keep your bouts/corsages in place during travel. Cut a strip of poster paper and magnet each bout/corsage to the poster paper strip and place in a long rose box.
IMPORTANT: Use our easy-to-print label sheet to attach to each of your bouts/corsages.

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