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Bonded Neodymium Magnets

/Bonded Neodymium Magnets

Bonded Neodymium Magnets, Permanent Bonded NdFeB Magnets, Compression and Injection Moulding Bonded Magnets

Bonded Neodymium Magnets (Bonded NdFeB) is produced by mixing plastic binders with NdFeB powder: they allow the merging of high rare earth performances and bonded magnets potentialities. Permanent bonded magnet for professional use.

The process to obtain this NdFeB powder was born in the same age of sintered NdFeB process but only during the last years it started to live an increasing market spreading mainly thanks to the high variety of shapes, geometries and material combination it can allow, by mean of compression and injection moulding. It means advantages in minimizing assembling processes of complete device as well as in its miniaturization. Furthermore parts can also be moulded with high accuracy, reducing global tolerance of final parts; magnetization of the magnet can be obtained in a wide variety of configurations. We find these magnets applied in electric motors, rotating and linear, sensor systems, magnetic couplings. The max working temperature is over 150 °C allowing to satisfy most of the requests from different sectors: automotive, automation, instrumentation, house appliances.

Custom Design Bonded Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets available. Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.


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