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Samarium Cobalt, SmCo, like Neodymium, is a Rare Earth magnet.

High temperature applications where high external demagnetising forces exist, such as in motors and generators, are well suited for SmCo. With temperature coefficients lower than Neodymium, SmCo offers less variation in magnetic output over larger variations in temperature. C).

Above +150°C SmCo provides more field than Neodymium and has a maximum operating temperature of up to +350°C. It can also be used at cryogenic temperatures (it has been used at temperatures nearly as low as absolute zero, -273°C).

SmCo offers excellent corrosion resistance to water due to little free iron being present in its structure. Care should be taken when assembling with SmCo due to its brittle nature (e.g. wear safety glasses). SmCo could break, chip, snap or possibly even shatter if mishandled.

Samarium cobalt (SmCo) is a type of rare earth magnet that has the ability to operate in high temperatures and has superior resistance to corrosion.
Similarly to many other rare earth magnets samarium cobalt is brittle and can be chipped and cracked easily making them unsuitable for applications that require repetitive direct impact to the surface of the magnet. These magnets are often best used in applications where the magnet is recessed into a hole or groove to protect the magnet from impact. This high performance, high temperature magnet is typically found in food and industrial manufacturing industries. If you would like free technical support or help choosing the right samarium cobalt magnet for your application please contact our technical sales team.

The stability and strength of field makes Samarium Cobalt a popular choice in medical, aerospace, automotive, audio, motor, generator, pump, sensor and military applications.

If you cannot find the dimensions you require, please get in touch. The standard manufacturing tolerance is +/- 0.1mm on all dimensions.

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