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Block Shaped Strong Individual Magnets

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  • Block Shaped Strong Individual Magnets

Block Shaped Strong Individual Magnets N48, Through Thickness Magnetization NdFeB Magnet, China Neodymium Blocks/Square Magnets Rare-Earth permanent magnet, Individual Through Rectangular Thickness (Axial) Magnet

Block Shaped Strong Individual Magnets Specification:
Material Neodymium-Iron-Boron
Shape block
Color Nickel (Bright Metallic)
Grade N48
Coating Nickel
Tolerance ± 0.05mm
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 179
Magnetization Through Rectangular Thickness (Axial)
Rare Earth Magnets are the strongest permanent magnets for sale today. Small rare earth magnets are perfect for crafts and DIY. We also sell large rare earth magnets for heavy duty projects where super strong pull force is required.

High Corrosion Resistant Magnets
Under the Environment of high temperature, high pressure and high humidity, the weight loss level of uncoated magnets can qualitatively reflect its serving life clearly. Referring to the standard IEC68-2-66 and after 20 days, Hast testing, weight loss of less than 2mg/cm² is available for HSMAG, which is the top level worldwide.

Basic Performance Comparison Table of Permanent Magnets

Magnets BHmax(MGOe) Max.Working Temp.(0C) Corrosion Resistance Magnetic Performance Material Price Coercive Force Processing Charateristics Composite Index
Sintered NdFeB 26-52 ≤200 C A+ B- A+ B+ 70
SmCo 2:17 22-30 ≤300 A A C- A C 64
SmCo 1: 5 16-25 ≤250 A A- C A- C 62
Bonded NdFeB 5/12 <150 B- B C A+ 68
AlNiCo <10 <550 A+ B B C- C 54
Sintered Ferrite 3-4.5 < 350 A C A B- B 64
Bonded Ferrite 2-3 < 150 A C B B- 66
Rubber 0.7/1.6 <85 B C B+ C A 56

What information should I mention when I have an enquiry on radially oriented ring magnets?
Required information: Grade, size, coating and tolerance should be mentioned. Black Gray 10-30μm Epoxy Plated Arc/Motor Metric Magnets
There is also should be noticed that, due to the specialty of the magnetization, to ensure a better working performance, the size requirement shall follow below requirement:
smallest inner diameter:(ID)12mm,
biggest outer diameter:(OD)70mm,
biggest height:50mm
wall thickness:2-7mm(best 2-5mm)

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