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Black Rectangular Super ClikMagnet

/Black Rectangular Super ClikMagnet
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Black Rectangular Super ClikMagnet, Ceiling Display Magnets, Super Powerful Large ClikMagnets, Hanging Clip Rectangular Plastic Magnets, Magnetic Sign Hanging System

Super ClikMagnet – Choose the right ClikMagnets for your project by:
-Weight of item to be hung
-Colour of ceiling
-Type of installation (Use Round ClikMagnets for attaching to Flathats. Regular and Super ClikMagnets are recommended for most other applications)

Part No.: CLICK-SC01
Size: 2 3/10″ x 4/5″ x 3/5″ (5.8 cm x 2.0 cm x 1.5 cm)
Color: Black
Magnetic Hold Force: 10 lbs./4 kg

Super ClikMagnet, equipped with two rings, are small, powerful neodymium magnets that connect to any metal surface including drop and open-beam ceilings. Durable plastic coating prevents ceiling scratches. A double center ring allows for easy attachment with our patented LoopLine cord to signs, displays and decorations. Lift the magnet into position with any MagMover connected to a MagPole for convenient sign or display installation and removal. Ideal for hanging mid-weight signs, fabrics and heavier items, Made in China.

Safety Warnings:
Keep all magnets away from credit cards, video tapes, computers and other electronic devices!
The Clik-Clik system is not recommended for use with S-hooks, as items may fall during takedown.
Do not swallow magnets.

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Product Range

Part No. Size Color Holds Force
CLICK-RC01 1 3/4″ x 1/2″ x 3/5″ (4.4 cm x 1.3 cm x 1.5 cm) Black 5 lbs./2 kg
CLICK-RC02 1 3/4″ x 1/2″ x 3/5″ (4.4 cm x 1.3 cm x 1.5 cm) White 5 lbs./2 kg
CLICK-SC01 2 3/10″ x 4/5″ x 3/5″ (5.8 cm x 2.0 cm x 1.5 cm) Black 10 lbs./4 kg
CLICK-SC02 2 3/10″ x 4/5″ x 3/5″ (5.8 cm x 2.0 cm x 1.5 cm) White 10 lbs./4 kg
Magnetic Sign Hanging System

Magnetic Sign Hanging System

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