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Axial Magnetic Ring Hexapole Ferrite 6-Poles Magnetization for DVD Core

/Axial Magnetic Ring Hexapole Ferrite 6-Poles Magnetization for DVD Core
  • Axial Magnetic Ring Hexapole Ferrite 6-Poles Magnetization for DVD Core

Axial Magnetic Ring Hexapole Ferrite 6-Poles Magnetization for DVD Core, six-poles Magnetization Hard Ceramic Ring Multi-pole Magnets, motor rotor permanent magnets, Radially Orientation Multi-pole Magnetic Ring, Anisotropic multi-polar magnetic rings for electronic sensor

Axial Magnetic Ring Hexapole Ferrite 6-Poles Magnetization for DVD Core Features:
Specification size:  OD 30mm * ID 16mm * H 5mm custom design drawing
Magnetizing mode: Radial 6 poles
Type: Permanent
Composition: Sintered Ferrite Magnet (hard ceramic)

Magnet specifications: 30 mm outside diameter, 16 mm inside diameter, 5 mm thickness (other specifications can also be produced)
Magnet Tolerance: +0.1mm
Magnetic field strength: 1000 +200 Gauss
Technical Requirements: The magnetic ring is divided into six grades. There is a small pit on the strong magnetic surface, and the temperature resistance is 120 degrees.

Multipolar magnetic rings are magnetized by special magnetizers on the top of hard magnetic rings. The effect of magnetization is related to the properties of magnetic rings and magnetizers. The magnitude of magnetic energy product and hysteresis attenuation are related to the above situation.
If you have DVD/VCD multi-pole magnetic ring procurement needs, please call for advice.

Which products are the radial multipole magnetic ring mainly used in?
customer needs, 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 12 poles, 18 poles, 24 poles, 32 poles, 48 poles, etc.
Radial 2-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in dishwashers, washing machines and pump rotors.
Radial 4-pole ferrite magnet is often used in fish tank water pump and pump motor.
Radial 6-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in household appliances, magnetic pumps and water flow sensors.
Radial 8-pole ferrite magnetic rings are commonly used in air conditioning, fan motors and oil-electric hybrid vehicles.
Radial 12-pole ferrite magnetic rings are mostly used in air-conditioning, automotive oil pump motor, motor testing.
Radial 16-pole ferrite magnetic rings are used in mahjong machines, air-conditioning motor rotors and DC brushless motors.

Radial Magnets is good solution to instead of traditional segment magnets. they have following advantages :
Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field. Speed ​​Motor Magnetic Ring 16-poles Ferrite Radial Magnetization
Geometric precision. Radial 12-Poles Ring Ferrite Magnets for Velocity Sensor
Variety of magnetic configuration
Design and assembly simplification
Precision of motor performances
Cost efficiency

Key Specifications/Special Features:
High performance Ferrite Magnet
Used for car motor and household appliances
With big quantity existing mould
Various size and shape available. 16-poles Ring Ferrite Magnets for Speed Regulating Motor

Type Standard same with TDK Br(mT) HcB(kA/m) Hcj(kA/m) (BH)max(KJ/m3)
Y10T 200-235 125-160 210-280 6.5-9.5
Y20 320-380 135-190 140-195 18.0-22.0
Y22H 310-360 220-250 280-320 20.0-24.0
Y23 320-370 170-190 190-230 20.0-25.5
Y25 360-400 135-170 140-200 22.5-28.0
Y28H-3 FB5E 370±15 293±15 395±15 27±2
Y29H-1 FB6E 380±10 290±15 395±15 27±1.6
Y30H-1 FB3N 390±10 245±15 255±20 29.5±2.5
Y30H-2 FB5H 405±10 290±15 325±15 30.5±2
Y30H-3 FB4B 400±10 245±15 258±15 30±2.0
Y30H-4 FB6H 400±10 305±15 360±15 30±1.6
Y30H-5 400±10 300±15 400±15 30±1.6
Y32 FB4A 410±10 175±15 180±15 32±1.8
Y33 FB4X 420±10 235±15 240±15 33±1.8
Y33H FB5B 420±10 265±15 270±15 33±2.0
Y33H-2 FB6B 420±10 300±15 320±15 33.4±1.6
Y34H-1 430±10 245±15 255±15 34±1.6
Y34H-2 430±10 260±15 280±15 34±1.6
Y34H-3 430±10 285±15 290±15 34±1.6
Y35 FB5N 440±10 230±15 235±15 35±1.6
Y36 FB6N 440±10 259±12 362±12 36.7±1.6
Y38 450±10 295±10 300±10 38.6±2
Y40 FB9B 450±10 340±15 350±10 39.8±2.1
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