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Axial Four-pole Magnetic Ring with Concave Points

/Axial Four-pole Magnetic Ring with Concave Points
  • Axial Four-pole Magnetic Ring with Concave Points

Axial Four-pole Magnetic Ring with Concave Points, Customized Size Multipole Radial Ring Ferrite Magnets, multipole ceramic rings, Multi-Polars Ceramic Permanent Magnets, Hard Ferrite Four-Poles Isotropic Ring Magnet

Axial Four-pole Magnetic Ring with Concave Points Features:
Specification size: D21.2*7.5*3
Magnetizing mode: axial 4 pole
Magnetic field strength: 1050gs
Type: Permanent
Composition: Ferrite Magnet
This product is axial 4 pole magnetized ferrite, magnet specification: outer diameter of 21.2mm, inner diameter of 7.5mm, thickness of 3mm, magnetic force of 1050gs, interested in this product welcome to consult! 4-pole Magnetized Ferrite Ring Water Meter Magnet

Product description:
1. Materials: 
Ferrite magnet is made from molding powder mixture of about Fe2O3 (80%) and either BaCO3 or SrO3 (20%) Some additives such as Cobalt and Lanthanum are mixed together to improve the magnetic performance coefficient
2. Temperature:
Operation temperature is between -40 and +250 degrees Centigrade
3. Grades: 
Y20, Y22H, Y25, Y30, Y30BH, Y33, Y35, C1, C5, C8 (C8A)
4. Shapes: 
Arc, tile, block, disc, cylinder or others are available
5. Sizes: 
According to client’s needs
6. Features:
1) Magnet material
2) Good anti-corrosion performance, no surface treatment needed
3) Excellent temperature stability
4) Best choice for industrial application
5) All shapes can be customized
6) Provides isotropic and anisotropic
7. Applications: 
Widely used in motor and in various fields
Customized shapes and sizes are accepted

Magnetic Characteristics and Physical Properties of  Ferrite  Magnet

Items Ferrite Magnet
Material Ferrite magnet is made of Fe2O3 (80%) and Either BaCO3 or SrO3(20%) by Ceramic processing technology. Some additives such as Cobalt and Lanthanum are mixed together to improve the magnetic performance coefficient.
Shape available Disc, block, cylinder, rectangle, square, ring, etc.
Specification Grade Br Hcb (BH)max
T Gs KA/m Oe Kj/m3 MGOe
Y25 0.35-0.39 3500-3900 128-192 1600-2400 22.3-25.5 2.8-3.2
Y30 0.38-0.42 3800-4200 160-216 2000-2700 26.3-29.5 3.3-3.7
Y35 0.4-0.44 4000-4400 176-224 2200-2800 30.3-33.4 3.8-4.2
Y25BH 0.36-0.39 3600-3900 176-216 2200-2700 23.9-27.1 3.0-3.4
Y30BH 0.38-0.4 3800-4000 224-240 2800-3000 27.1-30.3 3.4-3.8
Characteristics Lower cost, higher coercive force; no need to be coated because it is difficult to be eroded and oxidized
Application Motors, sensor, speakers, toys, electronics device, crafts, wind turbines, wind generators, filters automobiles etc.
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