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Axial / Coaxial Magnetic Gear with Halbach Permanent Magnet Arrays

/Axial / Coaxial Magnetic Gear with Halbach Permanent Magnet Arrays
  • Axial Coaxial Magnetic Gear with Halbach Permanent Magnet Arrays

Axial / Coaxial Magnetic Gear with Halbach Permanent Magnet Arrays, high-performance neodymium iron boron permanent magnet gear, HSANP or HSANV series Parallel transmission Magnet Gears / Vertical transmission Magnetic Wheels, linear magnetic gears (LMGs), coaxial magnetic gears (CMGs), and axial magnetic gears (AMGs), Magnetic Rotor Starter, STATOR ROTOR MAGNET FLYWHEEL ALTERNATOR,  China Magnets Supplier

Axial / Coaxial Magnetic Gear with Halbach Permanent Magnet Arrays Features:
Core Components: Gear
Material: Permanent magnet + Steel
Product Name: Permanent Magnet Gear
Application: All kinds of industrial machine
Type: Magnet Gear
Color: Silver and Black
Tolerance: Custom Drawing
Series: HSANP or HSANV series
Quality: Durable, No Noise
Surface treatment: Anodizing
Working temperture: up to 150℃
OEM:Client’s Request

Magnet Gear also known as the magnetic wheel, is the principle of interaction between magnet attraction and repulsion. Non-contact power transmission.

Magnetic gears are products that are driven in a clean environment in a non-contact state. An alternative to mechanical gears driven by friction.

Magnetic wheels can fundamentally put an end to the use of conventional mechanical gear generated particles of the problem. In addition, the use of high-performance neodymium iron boron permanent magnet, the biggest advantages in performance, power transmission capacity, no noise and no need to replace parts, semi-permanent use. Parallel Transmission Magnet Gear Magnetic Wheel

On the other hand, to increase the torque of the magnetic gear, we focused the use of rare-earth permanent magnets of high energy, high remanence, and high coercivity such as neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) and samarium-cobalt (SmCo), which was found in 1980. NdFeB magnet types have high performance compared with other magnets, the attention of researchers to examine the magnetic gear increases performances. In general, sector-shaped magnets were applied in magnetic gear fabrication, therefore it requires sufficient NdFeB magnetic material such as a parallel-axis magnetic gear, radial magnetic gear, permanent magnetic spur gear [24], and magnetic planetary gearbox. In addition, there are inherent problems such as price considered expensive and suffer from a shortage of supply. Therefore, a rectangular permanent magnet that can replace sector-shaped magnets in the manufacture of magnetic gears is an appropriate consideration. According to the paper, compared with the sector-shaped magnets, they have the merit of low cost due to available dimensional materials. From the geometry point of view, rectangular magnets have the advantages of standard product specifications, low manufacturing cost, and easy magnetization.

Magnetic wheel from large machines to vacuum machines, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other vast areas, has a wide range of applications. Industrial Custom Multipoles Ndfeb Magnet Gear Lateral Transmission Neodymium Magnet Gear

Gear reduction and power transmission is achieved through a mechanical gear. These gears require maintenance, cause vibration, and have no overload protection. Magnetic gears (MGs) are innovative solution to these drawbacks. The flux focusing axial magnetic gear (FFAMG) was assembled for future testing of power transmission applications. Horizontal Transmission Neodymium Magnet Wheel

Mechanical gears are used to transmit power by converting low speed, high torque rotary motion into high speed, low torque rotary motion, or vice versa, through a
gear ratio. The innovative FFAMG uses a ratio of magnetic poles to accomplish the same power transmission.

The FFAMG was assembled successfully, magnetic flux density measurements were gathered and procedures for testing and continuing research developed.

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Product Range


Magnetic Wheel Parallel transmission serials

Typical products- Parallel transmission serials:

Part No. Outer Diameter Length Magnetic poles To

rque (gap1mm)

HSANP21-06P D21 21 6 poles 0.09 N.m
HSANP22-18P D22 18 18 poles 0.13 N.m
HSANP26-18P D26 21 18 poles 0.21 N.m
HSANP30-10P D30 25 10 poles 0.32 N.m
HSANP35-12P D35 32 12 poles 0.8 N.m
HSANP45-10P D45 34 10 poles 2.2 N.m

Magnetic Wheel Vertical transmission serials

Typical products- Vertical transmission serials:

Part No. Outer Diameter Length Magnetic poles Torque (gap1mm)
HSANV18-08P D18 15 8 poles 0.05 N.m
HSANV21-08P D21 21 8 poles 0.12 N.m
HSANV26-08P D26 21 8 poles 0.2 N.m
HSANV26-20P D26 21 20 poles 0.05 N.m
HSANV30-10P D30 25 10 poles 0.28 N.m
HSANV32-10P D32 30 10 poles 0.32 N.m
HSANV35-08P D35 32 8 poles 0.55 N.m
HSANV35-12P D35 32 12 poles 0.36 N.m
HSANV39-08P D39 35.8 8 poles 0.64 N.m
HSANV45-10P D45 35 10 poles 1.2 N.m
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