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Asynchronous Magnetic Coupling

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China Supplier Factory Manufacturer Asynchronous Magnetic Coupling, Magnetic Coupling System for Chemical Metering Pump, Magnetic Drive Couplers, Unthreaded Hole Type Magnetic Coupling, Axel Hole Type, Flange type Coupling

Asynchronous Magnetic Coupling China Supplier – Magnetic coupling is a new kind of coupling,which connects motor and machine by permanent magnetic force.They work in the sealless magnetic drive pumps,which transporting volatile,flammable,explosive and toxic solutions with no leakage. The appearance of Magnetic coupling solved thoroughly the leak problems existed in dynamic sealing of certain mechanical devices.Magneic coupling are widely used in various industries and fields,such as chemical,papermaking,foodstuff, pharmacy,and so on. Magnetic coulpling is consist of external rotor,internal rotor and isolating cover. Ichoice company can design and produce different Magnetic couplings according to clients’ requests.

In direct cooperation with our customers, the requirements for practical and specific coupling systems are individually evaluated. Using a computer-aided design (CAD), HSMAG produces a ready-to-install magnetic coupling system as an optimum of performance and economic efficiency.

Conveying and proportioning the media polyol and isocyanate in the processing plants, ambient air has to be prevented from penetrating into the process, since otherwise unwanted reactions may be produced.
For a reliable sealing of such Magnetic Driver offers standard sets for retrofitting, among others for axial piston pumps type offering the following benefits:
Maintenance-free operation
Standstill periods are considerably reduced
No more problems with sealing
Better efficiency and process safety

Use of magnetic couplings:
The magnetic couplings can be found in pumps, compressors, dispensers and other applications. Where the extremely toxic substances or other aggressive media are used, individual parts of the equipment should be hermetically sealed. The magnetic couplings act as a “barrier” and their capability of “sliding over” during overloading minimizes a risk of damage to the pump and connected equipment.

Further advantage of the magnetic couplings is the fact that they do not require maintenance, they help reduce vibrations, partially compensate misalignment of shafts of individual parts (cylindrical) and limit the maximum torque of parts.

Design of magnetic couplings:
In addition to the “cylindrical” design, the synchronous magnetic couplings are also manufactured as “disc” couplings that can be used where a sufficient space is not available for the cylindrical coupling. It consists of two flat parts with magnets bonded to internal sides positioned against each other. The disc-type magnetic couplings offer all the advantages as the “cylindrical” magnetic couplings but transmit a lower torque due to a high axial load of connected shafts.

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Product Range



Guide to Magnetic Coupling (NM) Selection MOTOR BASE SPEED MOTOR
Rexroth Mag Dr
Torque (Nm)
Max. Motor
@ 750 rpm’s
Max. Motor
@ 1000 rpm’s
Max. Motor (KW)
@ 1500 rpm’s
Max. Motor
Torque (Nm)
C04 A2FK5 10 0.9 1.2 1.8 7.4
20 1.8 2.4 3.6 14.8
30 2.7 3.7 5.3 22.2
*Standard 40 3.7 4.9 7.1 29.6
C07 A2VK12 22 2.0 2.7 3.9 16.3
50 4.6 6.1 8.9 37.0
*Standard 80 7.3 9.8 14.3 59.3
C38 A2VK28 85 7.8 10.4 15.1 63.0
135 12.4 16.5 24.1 100.0
*Standard 180 16.5 22.0 32.1 133.3
C38 A2VK28 140 12.8 17.1 25.0 103.7
200 18.3 24.4 35.6 148.1
*Standard 275 25.2 33.6 49.0 203.7
C38 A2VK28 365 33.5 44.6 65.1 270.4



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