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Armored Permanent Magnetic Separator

/Armored Permanent Magnetic Separator
  • Armored Permanent Magnetic Separator

Armored Permanent Magnetic Separator, Suspended Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator with Armored Belt, Auto cleaning steel armored belt permanent magnetic separator, armoring permanent magnet separator

The HSRCYK series armored permanent magnetic separator is specifically designed for usage within casting workshops, iron powder recovery factories, and powder metallurgy related fields.

This magnetic iron separator comes with a unique, armored belt that is immune to damage caused by the sharp edges and rough textures of processed impurities. Engineered for low energy consumption, this durable magnetic separator offers excellent working performance.

It is self-cleaning and makes for easy maintenance. A wholly sealed bearing base also allows it to operate normally under harsh environments. A variation of this magnetic separation equipment is available with an anti-explosion design.

Auto cleaning steel armored belt permanent magnetic separators are specially used for iron-removal from metallurgical slag, iron plant, slag plant and cast plant. suspended plate magnet separator

Due to the high ambient temperature and pieces of iron is large and irregular in above occasions, the general belt type magnetic separator can not meet the requirement.


1.unique Armoured belt design,which can effectively avoid belt damaging caused by acuate materials.
2.strong magnetic field intensity,the work cost is economical. excitation power required, energy-saving,discharge iron automatically.
4.adopt Nd-Fe-B as permanent magnetic source.Light weight and reliable performance.
5.full-sealed bearing base and heavy supporting roll and can operate in harsh working conditions.
6.compact and reasonable structure ,easy to maintenance, thickening belt, and work for a long time without failure.

This iron separator is especially for metallurgy, iron reclaiming factory and casting workshop.
With unique armoring design, so as to escape the sharp impurity do damage to the belt.
Lower energy consumption and reliable performance.
Self-cleaning, easy maintenance, the wholly sealed bearing base make it can be used in the harsh environment without any malfunction.
We have different model, and special design for anti-explosion.

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Product Range

armored permanent magnet separator drawing

armored permanent magnet separator drawing

Technical Specifications

Model Belt
Height mm
Magnetic field
intensity >mT
< KW
Appearance size mm
HSRCYK-5 500 150 ≥70 0.1-36 Kg 1.5 ≤4.5 780 1900 735 935 950 753 451
HSRCYK-6.5 650 200 2.2 1060 2050 780 1030 110 753 451
HSRCYK-8 800 250 2.2 1320 2350 796 1280 1300 1088 451
HSRCYK-10 1000 300 3.0 2080 2660 920 1550 1400 1335 451
HSRCYK-12 1200 350 4.0 2950 2900 970 1720 1550 1515 516
HSRCYK-14 1400 400 4.0 3821 3225 1050 1980 1800 1755 516
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