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Anisotropic Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Rings 4-poles Radial

/Anisotropic Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Rings 4-poles Radial
  • Anisotropic Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Rings 4-poles Radial

Anisotropic Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Rings 4-poles Radial, 2 / 4-poles Magnetization Ceramic Radial Ring Multi-pole Submersible Pump Motor Magnets, motor rotor permanent cylindrical magnets, Radially Orientation Multipole Magnetic Ring, Anisotropic hard ferrite multi-polar magnetic rings for electronic motors

Anisotropic Sintered Ferrite Magnetic Rings 4-poles Radial Features:
Specification size: outer diameter 18mm * inner diameter 12mm * thickness 40mm, custom design drawing
Magnetizing mode: Radial 4 poles
Type: Permanent
Magnet Tolerance: +0.1mm
Composition: Sintered Ferrite Magnet (hard ceramic)

It is applied to the rotors of various micro motors, aquarium submersible pumps and cylinder filters, fountain pumps, pool pumps, washing machine drainage pumps, dishwasher pumps, etc. Special rotor for submersible pump, high efficiency, no demagnetization, no oxidation, easy installation.

Our company can provide ferrite rotor separately or injection molding as a whole, and accept customization. Welcome to inquire our company about the specifications of ready-made (or near) ferrite multipole rotor magnet.

Which products are the radial multipole magnetic ring mainly used in?
customer needs, 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 12 poles, 18 poles, 24 poles, 32 poles, 48 poles, etc.
Radial 2-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in dishwashers, washing machines and pump rotors.
Radial 4-pole ferrite magnet is often used in fish tank water pump and pump motor.
Radial 6-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in household appliances, magnetic pumps and water flow sensors.
Radial 8-pole ferrite magnetic rings are commonly used in air conditioning, fan motors and oil-electric hybrid vehicles.
Radial 12-pole ferrite magnetic rings are mostly used in air-conditioning, automotive oil pump motor, motor testing.
Radial 16-pole ferrite magnetic rings are used in mahjong machines, air-conditioning motor rotors and DC brushless motors.

Ferrite magnets made of barium ferrite and strontium ferrite are compressed and then heat treated at a high temperature by sintering. They acquire their shape through a magnetic field during compression. As a result the powdered parts take on a geometric alignment in the later direction of magnetisation.
Keeping in the preference direction (anisotropy) considerably improves the remanence. A magnetisation is only possible in the predetermined preference direction. The following standard magnets are magnetised in the preference direction designated by N-S. Water Pump Rotor Hard Ferrite Ring Magnet
Ferrite magnets correspond to any ceramic material in terms of hardness and brittleness and can only be machined with diamond tools. As a ceramic material, hard ferrite magnets are resistant to weathering and to many chemicals such as solvents, alkaline solutions, salts, weak acids, lubricants and harmful gases. Hard ferrites are the most inexpensive and most widely used permanent magnets worldwide. A rise in temperature per 1 °C leads to a reduction in the flux density by 0.2% while the coercivity increases by 0.3% at the same time.
A reduction in temperature increases the flux density and lowers the coercivity by the same amount.

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