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Amorphous Transformer Core

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Amorphous Transformer Core – Super energy-saving, three-phase amorphous distribution transformer core,
Low core loss, low noise,
Range: 30KVA ~ 2500KVA.
1. Amorphous Single Phase Distribution Transformer Cores
2. Amorphous Three-Phase Three-limb Distribution Transformer Cores
3. Amorphous Three-Phase Five-Limb Transformer Cores

• Oil-immersed Transformer
• Dry-Type Transformer

Amorphous Material Characteristics
Amorphous alloy is a newly energy-saving material, fast cooling solidification manufacturing techniques. Its physical status is metal atom and it ranks disorder amorphous substance. The combination of amorphous alloy is different from silicon material. Amorphous alloy is easier to be magnetized. This material is widely used in transformers. Because the magnetization process is easy, the no-load loss is substantially low.

The biggest advantage of amorphous alloy core distribution transformer is extremely low load loss value .
There are many HSMAG products can be use in the field of amorphous iron core transformer, from the end surface sealing to structural bonding, to muffler noise reduction etc.

multi-cut amorphous c core
Material: Fe-based amorphous core
Saturation flux density induction: 1.56T
Curie temperature(℃): 410
Stacking factor: >0.8
Saturation magnetostriction(*10^-6): <30 Resistivity (μΩ.cm): 110 Ribbon thickness: 25μm Core shape: C core Applications >> Solar inverter filter
>> PFC choke
>> Midium frequency transformer
>> Diffrental mode choke
>> Output filter
>> Audio transformer

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