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Amorphous Toroidal Core

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Amorphous Toroidal Core, Amorphous Inductor Filter Core, Amorphous Alloy Magnetic Core for current transformer, Transformer Used Nanocarystalline Toroidal Core Gapped Core Manufacturer, Amorphous Toroidal Transformer Core China Supplier

Amorphous Toroidal Core – Fe-based amorphous inductor filter core are provided with good frequency property, high stable inductance with various DC bias current, and low core loss, wide permeability range from 120 μ to 1200 μ . It is a good choice for the usages of inductor, choke, filters etc with high frequency and DC AC subsistent situation with better price property comparison ratio than FeNiMo,FeNi and FeSiAl powder cores.

► Application:
• Car audio choke coils
• PFC corrector inductors
• DMC fillers and smooth output filters
• DC/DC transformer filters
• Normal usage and adapter filters

► Product Performance:
• High saturation flux density Bs, low Hc, Low loss.
• Excellent Anti DC bias property
• High permeability of 250 to 1200, Less wire winding turns.

Are used for medium and large power and are toroidally wound cores which show excellent performance for the suppression of various kinds of current or voltage surge, such as a surge from a switching diode.
Core range in size from outside diameters of 11 to 38mm and inside diameters of 4 to 22mm.

Nanocrystalline Core for High-Power Transformer, Amorphous Nanocrystalline Core for High Frequency Transformer, Toroidal nanocrystalline Core for Pulse Compressor, Power Supply Transformer Core

The role of a transformer is to convert high-voltage electricity supplied from a power station into lower-voltage electricity for safe use. Transformers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week during which time they undergo constant losses of 2 to 4% of the electricity that passes through them. This loss is divided into two different categories: load losses caused by the load on the transformer during the use of electricity and no-load losses (standby electricity) caused regardless of whether a load is present. Amorphous core transformers significantly reduce no-load losses by using an amorphous alloy *3 for the iron core, which the transformer windings that carry the electricity are coiled.
HSMAG Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of amorphous core transformers in China with an integrated production line that extends from iron core processing through to assembly that requires advanced processing techniques.

Amorphous core transformers reduce the impact on the global environment. The transformers use an amorphous alloy in their iron core which improves electrical characteristics and significantly reduces energy loss. The savings are equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed annually by about 370 cedar trees *2. This high level of energy conservation contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

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