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Amorphous Cut Core Basic Info
Usage:Electricity,swich transformer,solar generator
Type:Magnetic Core,amorphous nanocrystalline C cut core
Product Description
The material of producing amorphous C-cores is 1K101. UI>50000,It inherits the advantages of the traditional C-cores, such as simple structure, convenient in coiling and easy to adjust inductance, etc. It has been widely used in filter inductors in solar photovoltaic industry because of its high-permeability and low iron loss in 5KHz-50KHz.

• Amorphous reactor core for PV inverter
• Mid and high frequency switch power transformer
• Major transformers in UPS power supply
• Output filter or inductor in high frequency large power supplies

Product performance:
• High saturate induction—Reducing core volume
• Rectangular form_Easy to mount coils
• With air gap—Excellent anti-bias current ability
• Low core loss一Low temperature rise
• Excellent stability~Keep stable working from -55℃to 130℃

These amorphous cores wound in a C-core configuration, are ideal for AC Reactors and DC inductors from 10 to 1000+ amperes. The C-core also allows for single phase and three phase transformer designs.
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Three phase designs can be done with standard single-phase cores or a custom three-phase core can be constructed in a two-piece set as shown below:

Amorphous metal C-cores allow for operation at higher frequencies at the same flux level. Where traditional steel cores need to operate at increasingly lower flux densities as the frequency increases. In order to compensate for running at lower flux densities significantly more material is needed. Even with additional material higher temperatures still occur. Another contributor to lowering losses is the I2R of the winding. A physically smaller amorphous core reduces your mean length per turn, hence your I2R copper losses are lower and copper costs are lower. Amorphous Toroidal Core

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