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Aluminum Alloy Flashlight Mount Magnet

/Aluminum Alloy Flashlight Mount Magnet
  • Aluminum Alloy Flashlight Mount Magnet

Aluminum Alloy Flashlight Mount Magnet for 24-27mm Flashlight Diameter Range, Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base, Flexible Custom Magnetic Flashlight Holder Clip Torch Holder, Flex Arm Magnetic Flashlight Mounting Brackets Holders with Strong Magnetic Round Base and With Flexible Adjustable Clips, Rubber Magnetic Mount Hook Round Base Magnet Fastener, Magnetic Tool Accessories China Supplier Factory

Aluminum Alloy Flashlight Mount Magnet, Magnet Tools & Assemblies Specifications:

Model #: HS-MFM-06
Type: Headlight mounting bracket
Model: MX01
Material: Aluminum alloy
Trailer Width: 50 mm
Hole: 24-27 mm
Support Minimum Flashlight Diameter:24mm
Support Maximum Flashlight Diameter:27mm

– Easy to install and remove.
– The size of the hole can be adjusted, which is very convenient and flexible.
– It is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and has a surface-level three-stage hard anodizing anti-wear treatment.
– For mounting the flashlight or sight on the barrel. Suitable for 24.5~27mm diameter flashlight or sight for OrcaTorch T10,T20.

Package Weight: 160.0 G / 5.64 Ounces
Package Dimensions (L*W*H): 40*49*46 MM / 1.57*1.93*1.81 Inches
Retail Packaging: Yes, Colored Box
Package Include:
1 x Magnetic Mounting Bracket

The flashlight holder magnet is a reliable magnetic holder for flashlights made of a high quality aerospace aluminum alloy with hard anodized surface and an extra strong magnet.
Aviation Aluminum 6061-T6, Hard anodized to Mil-Spec Type II.
The flashlight holder magnet is a reliable magnetic holder for flashlights made of a high-quality aerospace aluminum alloy with hard anodizing surface and an extra strong magnet. The flashlight mount of this high-quality holder can be adapted to all flashlights with a housing diameter of 23 – 26.5 mm in no time. The inside is coated, so there are no scratches on the valuable lamp
Easy and quick handling without tools.
Lightweight and robust.
With heat-resistant coating to protect against scratches.
Extra strong magnet.

It is FORBIDDEN for private users to mount a target illuminating device on weapons or weapon-like toys (apparent weapons)!
Mounting of the mount in conjunction with a flashlight or other target illuminating system on firearms is reserved exclusively for officers of departments exempt from the relevant provisions of the Firearms Act. A device which illuminates the target in any way and is intended for mounting on a weapon is a prohibited item under German weapons law!

Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Holders securely hold your flashlight while you work. When you need to use both hands and there is nobody to hold a light for you, these magnetic based flexible flashlight holders will come to the rescue. Strong magnetic hold is easily repositioned. Flexible neck lets you pinpoint the light right where you need it.
Note: Flashlights not included.

It’s hard to imagine an easier way to mount a flashlight on a weapon—simply clamp your light inside the Magnetic Weapon Mount , then snap it onto the barrel. Three strong N50 magnets hold the mount in place, round after round. The aluminium mount accepts flashlights with a diameter of 23-26mm (approximately 1″). A thumbscrew tightens the clamp that holds the light, while a knurled dial adjusts the mount to fit properly on different sized barrels.  Reliable Magnetic Holder for Flashlights , Flexible Magnetic LED Flashlight Clip

Usage notes:
1. You may need to be smart when positioning the Flex Arm so that isn’t easily dislodged. The further the light is from the magnetic base, the more of a lever you are creating. Keep things compact. Brass and copper lights are much heavier than the aluminum (black and nickel).
2. If you need to reduce the length of the arm, you can break a joint by bending the segments. Rubber Flashlight Mounting Magnet with Adjustable Clips

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