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Aluminium Alloy Magnetic Induction Blocks

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  • Aluminium Alloy Magnetic Induction Blocks

Aluminium Alloy Magnetic Induction Blocks, Magnetic Transfer V-Block, Rectangle And M-shape Magnetic Induction Blocks, Single Magnetic V-Block Set, Magnetic Transfer Block for Grinding, Magnetic Transfer Parallel

Aluminium Alloy Magnetic Induction Blocks Feature:
Not magnetized
Used as an auxiliary tool to hold workpieces
Choose from a wide selection of models

Magnetic induction block are not magnetized. They are typically used in combination with a magnetic chuck as an auxiliary tool to hold round bars or flanks of plates that are difficult to hold without chucking. These blocks can be placed on a magnetic chuck to induce magnetism to hold workpieces. Magnetism can be induced on two faces on the top and side or on the V face and side. Specially shaped workpieces can also be held by using chuck blocks, allowing you to utilize your chucks in stock.

Magnetic induction block used to extends magnetic force to hold bar, round, or irregular shaped workpieces. Works with surface-grinding applications and other magnetic workholding chucks.

It is one of important machinery accessories, The magnetic induction blocks are not magnetized themselves, They are used in combination with a magnetic chuck as an auxiliary tool to hold round bars. flank of plates that dificult to hold only by by chucking. It can be magnetized after inducted on any magnetic chuck applying for as plate or 45 fixture (flat surface or 45 degree). It is used as auxiliary tool by applying with magnetic chuck for holding round, thin or shapes that difficult to hold. There are mainly two types of induction blocks, rectangle and M shape for different processing. demands.

For use with magnetic chucks, these V-blocks sets are precision ground and secure in any position. Strong magnetic force means there’s no wasted time fooling with traditional clamps. Sold in pairs. Non magnetic blocks, magnetized after being inducted on any magnetic chuck. Useful for grinding work where magnetic chuck alone can not hold on to workpiece.

Magnetic Induction Block Application: For machining on special shape workpieces. Features: 1.) Brazing treatment. 2.) High magnetic penetration because of no interference from screws and rivets. 3.) It can be cut and divided into a desired size/ shape. Introducing for the first time in China special type Magnetic V Blocks. These ‘V’ blocks have been specially built for applications where heavy inspections are involved.

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Product Range

Code Size(L×W×H) Weight
HSMIB-CB-I 3.937×1.968×0.984 2.42 ×2pcs
HSMIB-CB-II 1.968×3.937×0.984 2.42 ×2pcs
HSMIB-CB-III 3.937×2.362×1.890 4.41 ×2pcs
HSMIB-CB-IV 1.968×2.362×1.890 2.20 ×2pcs
Code Size(L×W×H) Weight
HSMIB-CB-Ⅰ 100×50×25 1.1 ×2pcs
HSMIB-CB-Ⅱ 50×100×25 1.1 ×2pcs
HSMIB-CB-Ⅲ 100×60×48 2 ×2pcs
HSMIB-CB-Ⅳ 50×60×48 1 ×2pcs
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