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Alnico U Shaped Magnet Red Blue Painted Pole 60mm

/Alnico U Shaped Magnet Red Blue Painted Pole 60mm
  • Alnico U Shaped Magnet Red Blue Painted Pole 60mm

Alnico U Shaped Magnet Red Blue Painted Pole 60mm, Horseshoe Alnico Magnets for Education Physics Experiment Teaching, U-Type Alnico Educational Magnets for Teacher, Al-Ni-Co Magnet, Industrial Grade Alnico Horseshoe Power Magnet with keeper, Red and Blue Pianted Horseshoe Magnet Supplier

Alnico U Shaped Magnet Red Blue Painted Pole 60mm Specification
Magnet size: 60mm x 51mm x 9mm
Red & blue painted poles, represents the north and south poles.
Great for science fair projects or classroom demos. Use it with iron fillings or paper clips for magnetic field experiments.

Product Name
Educational AlNiCo Magnet
AlNiCo Magnet
Place of Origin
U shape
Science Teaching Magnet
Processing Service
Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching, Moulding
Delivery Time
22-30 days
Working Temperature
Max BH
Magnetization dire
Magnetic force

This magnet creates an especially strong magnetic field, with dramatic repulsion and attraction properties sure to pique young children’s interest.

The strong field (will lift four pounds) and horseshoe shape make this a perfect magnet for hands-on science in a magnetic/non-magnetic activity or a magnetic “fishing” game. Aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloy. 1¼” x 2″; ¼” thick.

Please note: The magnet comes with a “magnet keeper” (also known as an armature). It is placed across the poles of a magnet to help preserve the strength of the magnet by completing the magnetic circuit. The magnet keeper will also keep the magnet from attaching itself to external metal when not in use.

Alnico Horseshoe power magnet deliver exceptional pulling power.
Industrial grade Alnico (Aluminum/Nickel/Cobalt) Magnets are built for heavy duty use and will not naturally demagnetize over time like other magnets. They are handy in a plethora of applications and work settings. Useful in a number of lifting, holding, sorting, clamping and retrieving applications. Horseshoe Alnico Magnets for Education

Educational magnets are widely used in teaching and playing for children Features:
1) Widely used in teaching and playing for children
2) Material: hard ferrite or cast alnico
3) Many shapes, sizes and colors are available
4) We obey international safe standards and it has no bad influence on children’s health

Educations, they can help teachers, parents and students to explore mysterious forces of magnetism

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Product Range



Part No. Height(mm) Pole to Pole Width(mm) Magnet Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
TAUM-01 22 22 6 4
TAUM-02 30 30 8 7
TAUM-03 30 31 8 7
TAUM-04 36 43 11 8
TAUM-05 48 42 11 8
TAUM-06 60 51 12 9
TAUM-07 61 52 12 9
TAUM-08 65 57 13 10
TAUM-09 67 54 14 12
TAUM-10 70 50 12 12
TAUM-11 70 58 15 11
TAUM-12 75 60 39 8
TAUM-13 80 62 60 15
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