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AlNiCo Round Base Pot Magnets w/ bore and counter bore

/AlNiCo Round Base Pot Magnets w/ bore and counter bore
  • alnico-round-base-pot-magnets-with-bore-and-counter-bore

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AlNiCo Round Base Pot Magnets – Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets are made by casting or sintering aluminum, cobalt and nickel with iron and small amounts of other metals to enhance their magnet grade’s specific properties. Alnico magnets can be formed in fairly complex shapes and produce highly magnetic fields in certain configurations. This type of magnet is non-corrosive, easily demagnetized and re-magnetized and can be plated with other metals or coated with red paint or enamel.

These AlNiCo Round Base Pot Magnets are often used in many assemblies and fixtures. They work very well for displaying documents, pictures, banners and signs and for file cabinets and cupboard doors. HSMAG Magnets’ magnetic pots are made either with Ferrite, neodymium (NdFeB), samarium-cobalt (SmCo) or Alnico. Each HSMAG Magnet is guaranteed to have strong magnetism, optimal performance and longevity. There are many models and forms available to meet all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for quality Hook Magnets, Welding Magnets, Magnetic Pick-up Tools or Magnetic Holding and Catching Tools, HSMAG Magnet has a magnet to meet every need.

Alnico Magnetic Pot Assemblies with keeper and counterbore feature:

High maximum temperature: 550°C
Natural or painted finish available
Alnico magnet material in mild steel casing. Threaded.
The magnet material will work up to 400°C but caution is necessary above 200°C as the assembly may become loose.
Other sizes and shapes may be possible (subject to minimum order quantities).
Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

Please be careful
Keep away from children and pacemakers.
Keep away from magnetic storage devices such as mobile phones, bank cards and computers.
Be careful in case powerful magnet hurt your fingers.
Gloves is better when you handle it.
All magnets are fragile and may chip or shatter, but if used properly under normal circumstances, they can serve you for a lifetime.
If damaged please dispose of completely. Shards are still magnetized and if swallowed can inflict serious damage.

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Product Range

Part No. D mm d1 mm d2 mm H mm Force N Surface Weight g Temperature °C
RASP-C19R 19.1+0.5/-0.5 3.7 8.7 7.5+0.3/-0.3 30 red painted 17 180
RASP-C19 19.1+0.5/-0.5 3.7 8.7 7.5+0.5/-0.5 30 raw 17 200
RASP-C29R 28.6+1/-1 4.8 10.5 8.5+0.5/-0.5 40 red painted 43 180
RASP-C29 28.6+1/-1 4.8 10.5 8.5+0.5/-0.5 40 raw 43 200
RASP-C38R 38.1+1/-1 4.8 10.5 10.4+0.3/-0.3 80 red painted 82 180
RASP-C38 38.1+1/-1 4.8 10.5 10.4+0.3/-0.3 80 raw 82 200
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