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ALNICO 8 Rod Pickup Separate Magnets Vintage Stagger Set

/ALNICO 8 Rod Pickup Separate Magnets Vintage Stagger Set
  • Alnico 8 Polepiece Rods Vintage Staggered Set

ALNICO 8 Rod Pickup Separate Magnets Vintage Stagger Set, Rough / Sand Cast Alnico A8 Flush Pole Mounted Polepiece Magnets, Guitar Pickup Bobbin Alnico VIII Polepiece Rods Vintage Staggered Set China Supplier

ALNICO 8 Rod Pickup Separate Magnets Vintage Stagger Set Features:

* Magnet Merial:Alnico 8 / Alnico VIII / A8 / Al 8
* Top Characteristic:Flat Top, Vintage Top, Modern Top(Chamfer)
* Diameter:0.187 in / 0.195 in
* Length:0.471 in 0.630 in 0.650 in 0.665 in. 0.671 in 0.688 in 0.693 in. 0.710 in 0.719 in. 0.780 in
* Magnetizing Options:Do Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up

Alnico 8 pickup rod magnets based on the vintage stagger, you select. Alnico 8 magnets come in vintage flat top only. Relatively new to the music market, Alnico 8 offers a great alternative to ceramic magnets. These are strong magnets with a naturally aggressive tone. Used often in hot bridge position pickups, these magnets offer a heavy bottom, high output, and relatively full mids.

So what can you expect from these magnets?
Alnico II is a lower output magnet that is smooth and usually has just a bit of warmth.
Alnico V has more scooped mids and tighter in the low end. Provides some bite and sparkle.
Alnico VIII is generally between Ceramic and Alnico V, with quite a bit of magnetic pull, punchy with upper mids but a little more warmth than ceramic.
Ceramic is quite strong and gives a very bright tone. It retains articulation and clarity even with heavy distortion which makes it suited for heavy distorted styles. Guitar Pickup Separate Magnets Alnico Rods

No pickup is complete without at least one magnet to generate a magnetic field. The two most commonly types of magnet used in guitar pickups are Alnico and Ceramic.

AlNiCo is an alloy composed of iron, aluminium, nickel, cobalt, copper and titanium. Different grades of alnico have varying amounts of each component material. In some grades, cobalt and/or titanium are omitted. Alnico can be magnetized to produce permanent magnets of various strengths dependent on its grade.

From weakest to strongest the following alnico magnets are used in guitar pickups:
Alnico 3
Alnico 2
Alnico 4
Alnico 5
Alnico 8
Alnico rod and bar magnets
Alnico rod and bar magnets.
The most commonly used grade found in guitar pickups is Alnico 5. Alnico 2 is the second most popular grade used, with the others featuring in pickups less often. Each grade of alnico shapes the sound envelope of a guitar’s tone in different ways. We will talk about that very soon.

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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Merial Dimensions in Inches Magnetizing Top Style
Diameter Length
HS-GPAR-2 AlNiCo 2 0.187 / 0.195 0.471 / 0.630 / 0.650 / 0.665 / 0.671 /  0.688 / 0.693 / 0.710 / 0.719 / 0.780 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-3 AlNiCo 3 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-5 AlNiCo 5 0.187 / 0.195 / 0.250 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage / Modern
HS-GPAR-8 AlNiCo 8 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat

HS-GPAR-4: AlNiCo 4 also be supplied. 




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