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Alnico 8 Cylinder Rod Magnets for Guitar Pickup

/Alnico 8 Cylinder Rod Magnets for Guitar Pickup
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Flat Top Style Alnico 8 Cylinder Rod Magnets for Guitar Pickup, ALNICO VIII Rod Magnets Flat Top (0.187″ or 0.195″), AlNiCo VIII Magnets for Electric Guitar Pickups, Cast Alnico 8 Rods

HS-GPAR-8 with flat top can be maked by HSMAG. Customized size, Magnetizing and Orientation.

Alnico VIII is generally between Ceramic and Alnico V, with quite a bit of magnetic pull, punchy with upper mids but a little more warmth than ceramic. Relatively new to the music market, Alnico 8 offers a great alternative to ceramic magnets. These are strong rod magnets with a naturally aggressive tone. Used often in hot bridge position pickups, these magnets offer a heavy bottom, high output, and relatively full mids.

The heart of any electric guitar is the pickup, and pickups play a huge role in the overall sound of any guitar. So it only makes sense that when players look to improve their sound, the pickup is the most common modification. There are dozens of reputable pickup makers to choose from; from large volume producers like Seymour Duncan – who virtually invented the aftermarket pickup market – to boutique winders making vintage style pickups with OCD-like fervor. And to a great degree they are all working with the same basic materials: Wire, magnets, screws, and various methods to hold it all together.

One of our favorite applications is alnico / ceramic magnets for pickups (guitar). There are many things to consider if you are looking to optimize your guitar to its full potential, and pickups are arguably one of the most important elements of customization. If you are a skilled designer of pickups looking to create the best sound from your instrument, you have a choice between alnico and ceramic magnets when it comes to magnetic guitar pickups.

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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Merial Dimensions in Inches Magnetizing Top Style
Diameter Length
HS-GPAR-2 AlNiCo 2 0.187 / 0.195 0.471 / 0.630 / 0.650 / 0.665 / 0.671 /  0.688 / 0.693 / 0.710 / 0.719 / 0.780 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-3 AlNiCo 3 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-5 AlNiCo 5 0.187 / 0.195 / 0.250 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage / Modern
HS-GPAR-8 AlNiCo 8 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat

HS-GPAR-4:  AlNiCo 4 also be supplied.