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AlNiCo 5 Guitar Pickup Rod Magnets Flat Top

/AlNiCo 5 Guitar Pickup Rod Magnets Flat Top

AlNiCo 5 Guitar Pickup Rod Magnets Flat Top, Alnico 5 Polepiece Guitar Rod Cylindrical Magnets, Cast Alnico 5 Round Bar Magnet, Alnico V Magnet for Humbucking, Permanent Magnet Alnico V

HS-GPAR-5 with flat top Fueature:

* Permanent Magnet Merial:
AlNiCo 5 / Alnico V / A5
* Diameter:
0.187 in / 0.195 in
* Length:
0.471 in 0.630 in 0.650 in 0.665 in. 0.671 in 0.688 in 0.693 in. 0.710 in 0.719 in. 0.780 in
* Magnetizing Options:
Do Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up

Alnico 5 produces a brighter tone with a tighter low end and stinging highs. They’re great for neck position pickups, to help keep the tone clear without getting muddy.

The Alnico 5 is the strongest of the most commonly used magnets and has been a very popular choice of magnet. Being the stronger magnet in the range, it tends to generate more output, tighter low end, scooped mids and sharper treble bite. These work great in a low-wind neck pickup for very crisp tone. When in a hotter neck pickup, the Alnico 5 may lean towards the boomy side which can overpower the highs. In a bridge humbucker, the Alnico 5 will work best in a hotter wound pickup where you’d want to bring in more low end and shave off the highs to tame the bite and avoid the dreaded ice-pick-to-the-ear-drum. In a lower wind bridge humbucker, the Alnico 5 may sound thin and brittle compared to an Alnico 2 or 4.

Alnico 5 – Likely the most popular magnet material, Alnico 5 shows up in both humbucking and single coils designs; Strats, Teles, and P-90’s. Alnico 5 pickups are characterized by strong output, clear tone, and punchy attack. This all sounds pretty good, and just about every conventionally constructed Stratocaster pickup uses Alnico 5. Some of most popular humbuckers use Alnico 5 including many Seymour Duncan models including the SH-1, JB,  and just about every Rio Grande pickup. Compared to Alnico 3 they may lack a little sonic complexity, but for those about to rock, Alnico 5 is a very good choice.

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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Merial Dimensions in Inches Magnetizing Top Style
Diameter Length
HS-GPAR-2 AlNiCo 2 0.187 / 0.195 0.471 / 0.630 / 0.650 / 0.665 / 0.671 /  0.688 / 0.693 / 0.710 / 0.719 / 0.780 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-3 AlNiCo 3 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-5 AlNiCo 5 0.187 / 0.195 / 0.250 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage / Modern
HS-GPAR-8 AlNiCo 8 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat

HS-GPAR-4  :  AlNiCo 4 also be supplied. 


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