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AC / DC Gaussmeter Magnetic Field 3000mT

/AC / DC Gaussmeter Magnetic Field 3000mT
  • AC DC Gaussmeter Magnetic Field 3000mT

AC / DC Gaussmeter Magnetic Field 3000mT (30000 Gauss) Strength Meter Teslameter Magnetometer (OEM Packaging Available) Digital Tasla Meter Introduction

The Tasla meter is a special instrument used for inspecting & checking flux density ,which is also one of the most universally devices in the field of magnetic measurement.

Model HGS10C digital Tasla meter is controlled by the SCM, which is suitable for handle operation.It can be used to measure DC or AC magnetic field and flux dencity.The device can be carried on one’s person. It is characterized by its wide measuring range,simple operation and clear display. It is still added with the function of maintenance such as holding Measure Value/Peak Value, As mT or Gs unit of display can be change over, Measuring range of 200mT or 2000mT can be chose, and others that as resetting zero by key and so on. The power is one piece of battery 9V. It can be used continually about 20 hours.

* Screen: 5 digit LCD screen displaying up to 30000 value
* Measurement range: 0~3000mT(milli Tesla)/0~30000G(Gauss)
* Conversion of units: 1mT(milli Tesla) = 10G (Gauss)
* Recording:
* Manual: up to 200 logs
* Automatic: up to 7000 logs (record interval shall be setup in PC)
* Operating Environment: 5~40°C (41~104°F), <80% RH
* Storage Environment: 0~50°C (32~122°F), <70% RH

What are Magnetic Fields used for?
It is widely used throughout modern technology, particularly in electrical engineering and electromechanics. It is also a vector field that describes the magnetic influence of electric charges in relative motion and magnetized materials.

* Measure the magnetic field generated from Direct Current (DC, with display by N/S Magnetic polarity) or Alternating Current (AC in 40~500Hz)
* Measurement of the residual magnetic after processing of mechanical parts
* Measure the residual magnetic generated from the stress after processing of stainless material
* Measurement of the magnetic force of magnetic materials
* Measure various steel materials with natural magnetism
* Measure the magnetic field strength of motors in various electrical appliances
* Measure the magnetic field strength of permanent magnets
* Detect the magnetic field leakage generated from superconductive magnets

* Data HOLD and backlight function
* Automatic and manual range function
* Relative / Peak Hold / Real time Zeroing function
* Manual / Auto Record
* ON/OFF Buzzer
* MAX/MIN value display
* AC/DC Switching magnetic field measurement
* Data transfer via USB cable and CD software
* Selectable Unit of measurement (G / mT, °C / °F)
* Calendar (year/month/date) and time (hour/minute) setting
* Auto / Manual power off function
* Battery low indicator
* Compatible with Windows 7 / 10 operating system

Digital Gauss Meter, Tesla Meter Verification Device

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