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ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Magnets, Alnico Bar Sensor Magnets for ABS Wheel Speed Sensor, Auto Wheel Speed ABS Sensor Alnico Magnet, Auto Abs Wheel Speed Sensor OEM Permanent Magnet

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Magnets, customized sensor magnet size

ABS is short for anti-lock braking system. ABS is an automotive safety systems that allow the vehicle’s wheels to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking, avoiding the wheels from locking. ABS will calculate the speed, wheel angular deceleration and wheel slip ratio according to wheel angular speed signal.
ABS is made up of three main parts, wheel speed sensor, hydraulic control unit and an electronic control unit.

Electrical control unit will decide whether or not to start anti-lock brake from the wheel speed which tested by wheel speed sensor. The wheel speed sensor can be divided into two different types, Electromagnetic-type and Hall-type. The Electromagnetic-type wheel speed sensor is still widely applied in ABS due to its simple structure and low cost.

For Electromagnetic-type wheel speed sensor, the addendum and backlash of the trigger wheel will face to pole pin alternately during the rotating of the trigger wheel, and generate induced electromotive force due to alternative variation of magnetic flux inside the inductive coil.

This induced electromotive force will be as a signal to input to the electronic control unit. As the wheel speed change, the frequency of the induced electromotive force will also change, then the electronic control unit can measure the speed of the vehicle.


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