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900kg Formwork Precast Concrete Shuttering Magnet

/900kg Formwork Precast Concrete Shuttering Magnet
  • 900kg Concrete Shuttering Magnet

900kg Concrete Shuttering Magnet, Precast Concrete Magnets for Architecture Buildings, Shuttering Magnet for Concrete Formwork System, Concrete Magnets Shuttering for Precast Formworks China Supplier

900kg Concrete Shuttering Magnet
Part No.: HS-STM-900
Shuttering Magnet Box is very convenient of use. Merely fix the shuttering magnets to position and push down the knob and the magnet will tightly hold the platform. The remove of the Shuttering Magnet is pend on a lifting lever (crowbar).
Precast concrete magnets,or shuttering magnet, is commonly used in civil engineering works.The shuttering magnet is the best solution for quickly build concrete formworks.
The Concrete Magnet is composed of steel armature,big magnet with push and pull knob.The hold force of the concrete magnets is ranging from 450 up to 3100 kg.

Important informations
1.Steel armature have special surface treatment. Neodymium magnet have pleated with nickel.
2.Concrete magnet is applied to concrete formwork or panel.
Do not use concrete magnet directly on the concrete.
3.Concrete formwork system, looks like a black box with a push -pull knob and two hex bolts.
Use suitable metal adapter to fix the hex nut.

4.The concrete magnet have strong magnetic force when catching to concrete formwork.
leave hands under the concrete magnet is prohibited.

1 All NdFeB magnets used are made by our own magnet factory. We can well guarantee the quality of magnets
2 Standard producing process and strict quality checking
3 Trained working staff
4 Our know-how experts in magnetism could give you best solution on magnets to make sure the strong holding force of the concrete magnet
5 Competitive price, stable quality, in time response
Delivery & Packing:
Popular Model: 5-10 days after receipt of payment
Customer Tailored Size: 15-20days
Packing: Plywood Box.

Detailed specifications:
1.Size: As per the table. Customer tailored design are available.
2.Material: NdFeB magnets + Metal House (well surface treatment from corrosion)
3.Coating:As customers requirement.
4.Certificates: ISO9001:2000,ROHS

Precast Concrete Shuttering Magnet is configured with a big neodymium Block Magnet in to a steel house.the neodymium block magnet is very big of size which is very large.Magnet For Precast Concrete, is a magnetic tool to hold concrete formwork. There are two hex bolt and a round handle button on the top of the precast Concrete Magnet, the hex bolt is for fixed with adapter and handle button is for push to use.

How to use precast magnet box? People who use this magnet need to find some shuttering adapter to suit the precast magnet box onto the concrete framework, this framework could be made of plywood,wood, iron steel, aluminum… Then push the round handle button on the top, the block magnet in steel box will sink and contact and catch with iron steel part. After setting the magnet to the formwork,The concrete will be formed trimly just as the precast framework likes.
If someone want to remove the concrete magnet, he need to find a crowbar and pry up the round handle button and the block magnet will return to its position and not catch the iron steel. Concrete Shuttering Magnet Shuttering Magnet 450KGS

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  • Quality guaranteed
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