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3D Printer Ball Magnetic Joints

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3D Printer Ball Magnetic Joints Features
·Made with powerful NdFeB magnet
·Suitable for use in exhibition stands or truss display systems
·Body made of brass with tapped hold to mount on any surface
·Can hold anything within stipulated load at any angle
·Allows the steel ball to rotate a full 360 degrees on a 180-degree axis

Powerful Ball Joint Rare Earth Magnet – steel ball magnetically held in spherical socket, universal magnetic ball joint, ndfeb  permanent magnetic ball joint

The steel ball is subject to a magnetic field in the permanent magnetic system and is thus held in the spherical socket. This produces a joint that can be turned in any direction up to 180°. If the magnetic system’s holding force is exceeded, the ball is released without damage.

Print with 0.2 layers and 100% infill.
I used some standard epoxy with 4 hour drying time to first glue the steel balls to the plastic parts, then these to the carbon rods. Line the rods up when attached, to make sure they are equal in length

The ability to 3D print and Laser Engrave are among a maker’s most basic needs. We are offering a laser engraver module as an upgrade option. The laser is a powerful 2 Watt 445 nm engraver that can be used to engrave various woods/paper/cardboard. Besides the safety glasses, the module will come with an attachable UV shield with added protection. We have prepared a python script that you can use as post processor to generate code for your laser engraver. Please note that we will be offering this module separate from the Kickstarter, because we would need for you to sign a safety waiver, and make other special arrangements to ensure your safety.. (THIS IS NOT A TOY!). Please contact us directly for personalized assistance.

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Product Range




Type K Ø
KL L G GL IG IGL  Ball with inner thread
M 4/3,5 mm deep without
thread IG on the rear
K8 8,0 12,5 ± 0,05 18,0 12,0 Holding force10,0 N(1,0 kp)
KD310 10,0 10,0 28,0 20,0 M3 12,0 M3 5,0 Holding force 18,0 N (1,8 kp)
KD312 12,0 10,0 30,5 20,0 M3 12,0 M3 5,0 Holding force 18,0 N (1,8 kp)
KD413 13,0 13,0 31,0 20,0 M4 12,0 M4 6,0 Holding force 40,0 N (4,0 kp)
KD418 18,0 13,0 36,0 20,0 M4 12,0 M4 6,0 Holding force 40,0 N (4,0 kp)
KD516 16,0 16,0 34,0 20,0 M4 12,0 ohne Holding force 70,0 N (7,0 kp)
KD625 25,0 20,0 47,0 25,0 M5 16,0 M5 5,0 Holding force 150,0 N (15,0 kp)
KD725 25,0 25,0 56,0 35,0 M5 16,0 M5 7,0 Holding force 200,0 N (20,0 kp)