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35SH Custom Made Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet

/35SH Custom Made Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet
  • 35SH Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet

N35SH Custom Made Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet, Rare Earth Arc Segment NdFeB Magnet for Motor, Strong Nedoymium Iron Boron Color Zinc Coating Magnet, Customized Permanent Arc Neodymium Magnet

N35SH Custom Made Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet Feature:
Magnet material : NdFeB or Neodymium Iron Boron
Magnet shape: Arc segment
Magnet grade: N35SH
Magnet size : R x r x H x degree according to customer’s request.
Tolerance: +/-0.1mm (0.004”)
Coating : Color Zinc plated
Operating Temp(Max).: 150℃
Direction of magnetization: Magnetized through thickness
Other size and grade are available on request

Nedoymium Iron Boron magnet, extreme strong Br residual induction,.
Remanence(Br) from 10700 gauss to 14900gauss,.
Good machinery feature of easy machining, low corrosion resistance when unplated.
Neodymium Arc segment mainly apply to such fields as linear motor, servo motor, IPM & SPM
Motor, elevator motor, automobile motor, and other modern technology. smco arc magnet
Packaging: Neutral box packaging, inner box , foam inside and other protection, to ensure safely of transportation.
Air package and sea packages are both available..
Delivery time: 8 ~ 20days, depend on customer’s order quantity.
Loading port : Ningbo port or Shanghai Port

Technical Info
Rare Earth Arc Segment NdFeB Magnet
Material type : Permanent
Material composition : Nd2Fe14B
Remanence (Br): 12.5– 13.1KGs
Coercive force(Hcb): 11.5KOe
Intrinsic Coercive Force( Hci ) : 14KOe
Max Energy (BH)max: 38– 41MGOe
Max working temp.: 150℃
Curie Point (Max) : 302℉
Density : 7.4~7.6g/cm3

Cr3 +C Zinc Coated Magnets
Zinc Cr3+ coated Rare Earth Neodymium magnets has a good shield to against salt spray. Zinc Cr3 The color of zinc coating is color blue. Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet has poor resistance to corrosion, in order to prevent ndfeb magnet from corrosion, surface coating is needed. There is a variety of surface plating available, such as, Nickle plating, Nickel-Copper-Nickle plating, Epoxy resin plating, Zinc plating, gold coating, rubber coating and more.

motor; poweroperated; motor-driven; electromotive
The current flows into electric motors that drive the wheels.
A car’s starter is basically an electric motor.
This lawn mower is driven by a small electric motor.
In this paper, we present a frequency conversion electromotor system organized by voltage vector transducer and induction-motor.
Hybrid system drived by the brushless DC motor was designed.

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