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350 Degree Diametrically SmCo Cylindrical Ring Magnet

/350 Degree Diametrically SmCo Cylindrical Ring Magnet
  • 350 Degree Diametrically SmCo Cylindrical Ring Magnet

350 Degree Diametrically SmCo Cylindrical Ring Magnet, High working temperature Permanent Rare Earth SmCo Tube Magnets for Sensors Rotors, Extremely Sensor Samarium Cobalt Tube Cylinder Magnet China Manufacturer

350 Degree Diametrically SmCo Cylindrical Ring Magnet Specifications (1″=25.4mm; 1lbs=0.453kg)
Dimensions: OD9.00xID3.00×28.00mm Length (Outer Diameter * Inner Diameter * Length)
Tolerances: +/-0.05mm x ±0.05 x ±0.1mm (±0.002″ x ±0.002″ x ±0.004″)
Material: Sm2Co17, Grade YXG28H
Plating/Coating: N/A
Magnetization Direction: Axially, Poles on the Flat Faces
Max Operating Temp: 350ºC (662ºF)
Brand: HSMAG
Usage: SmCo magnets can be used in extremely high temp. enviroment, without demagnetizing. It is widely used as sensors, rotors, widely in advanced electronics, medical machines and aircraft.

SmCo permanent magnet is a superior permanent magnet material, which not only has high magnetic property, but also has strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature coefficient, high Curie temperature, and can be used in higher ambient temperature. Widely used in motor, instrument, sensor, detector, radar and other high-tech fields. Rare Earth Material Samarium-Cobalt Magnet, Extremely Strong Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet

In high working temperature situations over 180 ºC,neodymium magnet are not performance well as samarium colbalt magnets. thus samarium cobalt magnets, or SmCo Magnets are widely applied in aerospace domain, industrial and medical areas, defence and telecommunication fields. When compared with neodymium magnets , neodymium magnets are 100% more stronger on magnetism. For working temperature, Smco magnets can be applied in 250-350 ºC envionment while neodymium magnets under 240 ºC. Permanent Rare Earth SmCo Tube Magnets

Magnetic Feature
1) Material: SmCo5/ Sm2Co17
2) Temperature: the max operation temp is up to 300 degree centigrade or 800 curie temperature;
3) Grade: YXG28
4) Shape: ring, block, disc, bar and so on;
5) Size: according to customers’ request;
6) High energy ranging from 14MGOe to 30MGOe
7) Good quality with competitive price and best delivery date.
8) Certificate: CE; ISO 9001;SGS test report
9) Reliable coercive force

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