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3300LBS Capability Upgraded Lifting Magnet 1500KG Hoist Magnet

/3300LBS Capability Upgraded Lifting Magnet 1500KG Hoist Magnet
  • 3300LBS Capability Upgraded Lifting Magnet 1500KG Hoist Magnet

3300LBS Capability Upgraded Lifting Magnet 1500KG Hoist Magnet, Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Plate Lifter, Metal Lifting Magnet with Release, Steel Permanent Lift Magnets, Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Crane, Heavy Duty for Lifting Steel Sheets, Plates, Blocks, and Cylinders, Handling Permanent Magnet Lifter China Supplier

3300LBS Capability Upgraded Lifting Magnet 1500KG Hoist Magnet Specifications
Color: Red
Product: Magnetic lifter
Model: 1500KG
Maximum weight capacity: 1500kg (3300 lb)
Steel plate thickness: >5MM (the thicker the steel plate, the stronger the suction)
Operating temperature: <=80
Magnetic Lifter MAX Weight: 3300 LB.
The Magnetic Lifter is made with super strong neodymium magnets.
Easy to Use Handle to Switch Magnet Force ON or OFF.
Large U-loop shackle hook allows easy attachment of slings.
The magnetic lifter is used for lifting Steel Sheet, Block, Rod and other Magnetic Material.

PML-15 lifting magnets Features:
【3300 LBS WEITHT CAPABILITY】- Item Dimension: 12″x6″x5″. Max. Lifting Capacity: 3300 lbs. Operating Temperature: < = 80℃. Steel Plate Thickness: 3/5″-18/5″. Reliable enough to absorb kinds of steel plate.
【STURDY CONSTRUCTION】- This magnetic lifting device is made with neodymium iron permanent magnets. Highly efficient painting technology prevents corrosion and rust but also increase the aesthetic effect.
【WELL-DESIGNED DETAILS】- Constructed of a rubber handle, a high-strength shackle hook, and several safe bolts, this crane magnet dramatically enhances security and stability and makes your lifting work more convenient.
【FLEXIBLE USAGE】- The rotating shaft design helps control the hoist magnet, which turns left to open the adsorption and right to close the adsorption. And the safety bolt can fix the handle precisely.
【WIDE APPLICATION】- An excellent tool for electricity, engineering, transportation, and mining is used to lift steel sheet, block, rod, cylindrical, and other magnetic material. PML-15 3300LBs 1500KG Magnetic Lifter

The magnetic lifter is made with super-strong neodymium iron permanent magnets for lifting steel sheet, block, rod, cylindrical, and other magnetic material. It requires no electricity, which is widely used in the industrial world for more efficient steel handling.

Note: Please clean the surface of the steel sheet before using it; Please do not use it vertically or at the steel plate’s edge; Please do not apply to rough surfaces.

Question: If I use this on 1/4″ plate steel, how far will the magnetic field extend beyond the plate? Will it lift material under the plate, too?
Answer: If you place some cardboard between the sheets it won’t lift the pcs. under the top pc. but they’re pretty strong magnets, I’ve lifted a pc. of 3/8″ x 48″ x 96″ with 2 of them.

Question: how well will this work for lifting 1/8″x4’x8′ sheet of steel for plasma table? sheets weigh 200lbs. each
Answer: As inexpensive as these were I bought 2 and use a 2×2 1/4″ tube to lift. if the sheet flexes the magnet can loose contact and the steel will fall. I lift 5×10 1/2″ steel and it does fine. Look on youtube for ideas. it works great.

Question: Would the on/off switch still be useful say after it was submerged underwater?
Answer: This magnet is not electronic, it is just mechanical. The on/off switch is just a lever that will work underwater. I don’t think the magnet is made for underwater use, though.

Question: could this be used to lift a 500lb table saw
Answer: If you did it right, yes. At least two things would be very important. 1)You would have to put the lifter so it was clamping to the table itself, you need all that metal thickness to develop the full lift capacity of the magnet. And 2) you would have put the lifter on the table in the location so that it was vertically above the center of gravity of the saw. This might sound tricky, but isn’t that hard. Start with the lifter in the center of the table and just lift an inch or so. If the table tilts, put the saw back down and move the lifter a small amount in the “downward” direction of the tilt. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until the table doesn’t tilt in the small lift, and you should be good to go.

Question: Where can I get replacement parts? I need a replacement handle
Answer: This magnet comes from China. No replacement parts are available.

Question: looking at the picture does this lift or it just attaches and the lift is supplied by a lift attached to the top loop?
Answer: This is just a magnet. You will need some type of hoist to pick up your item. You will set the magnet on the item, pull the lever and it will engage the magnet. You can then pick up your load with the hoist.

Question: Where can you purchase repair parts?
Answer: No repair parts available. Magnet come from China. Not rated to ASME standard

Question: If one of these works to lift 200 lbs, will two work together to lift 400 lbs?
Answer: Absolutely

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