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30mm 490g Heavy Duty Strong Magnetic Ball Weight Scrotum Stretcher

/30mm 490g Heavy Duty Strong Magnetic Ball Weight Scrotum Stretcher
  • 30mm 490g Heavy Duty Strong Magnetic Ball Weight Scrotum Stretcher

30mm 490g Heavy Duty Strong Magnetic Ball Weight Scrotum Stretcher, Magnetic Cock Ring Scrotum Pendant Ball Stretcher Testis Weight,  Magnetic Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher Scrotum, 14/20/30/41/56mm Heavy Duty Magnetic Stainless Steel Ball Scrotum Stretcher Metal Penis Cock Ring Big Men Erection Sex Toy, Male Magnetic SS314 Ball Stretcher Testicle Stretching Ring Metal Device Toys China Supplier

Material: 304 stainless steel and strong magnet
Part No.: HSMSB-04
Color: silver
Size: 30mm 490g
Function: Super Strong Magnetical Scrotum Stretchers, it is better functionality than the lock and more convenient for operation.

heavy stainless steel Testicle Stretchers Scrotum cock ring metal Locking pendant Ball Weight for CBT male sex toy
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Penis Bondage Lock Cock Ring Metal Scrotum Ball Stretcher Delay Ejaculation Heavy Stainless Steel Erotic CBT Sex Toys for Men
Thick metal texture, smooth appearance lines, exquisite workmanship, artistic style.
Increased penile erection weight bearing stimulation, effectively delay blood reflow and sperm injection.

Magnetic Cock Ring Scrotum Pendant Ball Stretcher Testis Weight Special Features
Training starts now! The Stainless Steel Magnetic Ball Stretcher is designed for experienced cocks looking to feel the stretch. You’ll be swinging your weighted nuts in no time!

Magnetic design means you get it on and feel the tug quickly… thanks to the magnetic piece that pops on and off in seconds. The magnet is strong so once it’s in place, it’s not going anywhere.

Please understand that the magnet is STRONG. Please use caution when putting this ball stretcher on.

Maybe you desire to stretch and exercise your ball. Maybe you want to add stretching fun for your toy wardrobe. This smooth stainless steel ball stacker will satisfy all your needs and fantasies at the most extent, which aims to provide the attentive care and exercise your strong ball physically and mentally. Ultra powerful magnetic force allows to wear and put off conveniently and comfortably.

Material: stainless steel
Type: ball stacker & ball stretch
Size and Weight:
34*30MM(1.34*1.18″), 505g/17.8oz ;
34*40MM(1.34*1.57″). 650g/23oz;
34*56MM(1.34*2.2″), 960g/33.8oz;
40*30MM(1.57*1.34″), 425g/14.9oz
Package list: one piece of ring

Note: Please allow some measurement error and contact us if have any questions

Each set of disc magnets includes  Neodymium Pot Magnets with Countersunk with the countersunk hole on the north pole, and 4pcs with the countersunk hole on the south pole.  14mm 220g Heavy Duty Magnetic Stainless Steel Scrotum Ball   This allows you to pair them together to create magnetic latches, fasteners, and other closure mechanisms. Both the north and south poles will be attracted and attach to anything metal.

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