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30kg Magnetic Plate Lifter

/30kg Magnetic Plate Lifter
  • 30kg magnetic plate lifter

30kg Magnetic Plate Lifter, Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter, 30kg Portable Magnetic Lifters, Magnetic Steel Plate Lifter, Portable Hand Held Magnetic Plate Lifter, Cam Type Magnetic Lifter

Magnetic Plate Lifter Technology Data:

Part No: HS-LS3-1
Dimension: Length 148mm X Width 158mm X  Handle Height 174mm X  Height 25mm
Rated Lifting Capacity: 30 KG
Test Max Pull off Force: 105 KG
Weight: 2 KG

This unit is designed to lift or move small thin & thick steel plate up to 30KGS depending on the plate’s thickness. The thicker the plate, the heavier material it can lift. (Always test the lifting weight first). Light & easy to use, this unit is great for sheet metal working if the sheet plate needs to be re-positioned on a bench or moved to another position over a short distance. The magnetic system is temperature rated to 80 degrees and is made to last, if used correctly.

Principles: The hand held permanent magnetic lifter has a strong magnetic field with the use of (NdFeB) magnetic materials. The On/Off mechanism is controlled by the manual handle. The lifting power will never weaken provided the lifter is kept at temperatures of under 80 degrees Celsius. Designed to lift one piece of plate at a time.

For the use of lifting and moving ferrous metal plate, blocks and other magnetic material.

Light and ingeniously constructed for easy moving and lifting applications, with strong magnetic attraction power for safe handling.

HSMAG also manufacture 100KGF, 300KGF, 600KGF, 1000KGF, 2000KGF, 6000KGF, 10000KGF Universal Magnetic Lifters.

1) Designed with powerful rare earth magnet, safety factor is more than 3.5
2) Mainly used for carrying such iron products as armor plates, iron moulds
And other armor plate products
3) No fishhook needed, no power needed, maintenance free
4) Every product has been tested
5) Reach or exceed three times of the safety rate
6) Insurance button specially made for safety
7) Includes pressurizing structure
8) Usage life: More than eight years


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Product Range

Part No. Rated Lifting Capacity(KG) Test Max Pull off Force (kg) Length(mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
HS-HML 50 150 140 180 28 1.8
HS-LS3-1 30 105 148 158 25 1.3
HS-PKL 50 170 100 124 270 (inclued handle) 2.7



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