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2100KG Adhesion Power Precast Concrete NdFeB Magnet Box

/2100KG Adhesion Power Precast Concrete NdFeB Magnet Box
  • 2100KG Adhesion Power Precast Concrete NdFeB Magnet Box

2100KG Adhesion Power Precast Concrete NdFeB Magnet Box, Integrated Powerful Neodymium Shuttering Magnet System, formwork precast concrete 2100 KG Magnet For Precast Solid Wall, Construction Building magnetic fixture China Wholesaler

2100KG Adhesion Power Precast Concrete NdFeB Magnet Box Part No.: HS-STM-2100A
Type: Rare Earth Steel Metal
Composition: Neodymium
Plating: Adhesion Power
Net Weight: 7.64 KG
Application Temperature: Up To 80°C
Adhesion Force(KG): 2100KG
Dimensions (L*W*H, Mm): 320x120x60mm
Application: PC industry, Formwork Precast Concrete, Construction Building

HANGSENG Magnetics has been collected many experience on shuttering magnet. HANGSENG Magnetics will help provide the reliable solution to customers relies on outstanding simulation software, production and testing facilities.

Advantages of Shuttering Magnet
Very easy and precise positioning, hence reducing complexity and time of installation.
Excellent applicability, and different concrete products can be finished on same stainless steel board.
No longer need welding and bolting process which will damage stainless steel board.
Long operating life and reusable. Payback will be also shorter.
Significantly improve operating environment and simultaneously ensure the site safety.
Usage Method of Shuttering Magnet
Place shutter magnets on the specified location of stainless steel board.
Shuttering magnet will suck on board after pressed clamping handle.
Use professional crowbar to pry clamping handle, the attractive force will reduce with the increase of the air gap between the magnetic array and board.
Fixing screws can secure different kind of side rails and blockouts.
It should be noted that thickness and smoothness of stainless steel will affect the attractive force.

Maintenance Method of Shuttering Magnet
Maximally prevent damage of magnets, avoid external force.
It is similar to magnetic lifter that the working surface of magnetic array should maintain clean and smooth.
Flexibility of clamping handle will be influenced by invading scrap-iron and concrete.
Properly rust prevention. Adhesion Shuttering Magnets Galvanized 1600KG
The Max. Operating Temperature of simple shuttering magnet should be less than 80 degree
Safety tips should refer to the permanent

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Structure Introductionof Shuttering Magnet Box

Structure Introductionof Shuttering Magnet Box

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