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200kg Force One-Side Treasure Salvage Magnet

/200kg Force One-Side Treasure Salvage Magnet
  • 200kg Force One-Side Treasure Salvage Magnet

200kg Force One-Side Treasure Salvage Magnet, Hunting Magnets, Treasure Salvage Magnets, Super Strong Retrieving Magnet, One-side Searcher Recovery Magnet

Salvage Magnet- Part No.: HSPNS-F200
Diameter D – 75 mm
Height H – 19 mm
Pull power: 200 kg
Weight: 0.73 kg
The thread of bolts: M10
One-way Eyebolts included.
With galvanized body
Magnet material: NdFeB
Magnet shape: Pot, cylinder, ring
Magnet coating: Nickel (ni-cu-ni)
Max. work temperature: +80℃

Search magnets which look like pot magnets, are also made up of neodymium magnets, rubber and steel housings and other components. But their sizes are usually larger than pot magnets, and, the machining method of their steel housing is different from pot magnets’. Treasure Salvage magnets are used for searching ferrite things in river, sea, or other places.

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Product Range

Part No. Sizes (mm) Break Force (kg) Dead Weight (kg)
HSPNS-F100 48 11 8 100 0.21
HSPNS-F120 60 15 10 120 0.41
HSPNS-F200 75 19 10 200 0.73
HSPNS-F300 94 20 10 300 1.15
HSPNS-F400 116 20 10 400 1.58
HSPNS-F600 136 25 12 600 2.80