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2 ½ Ton Large Button Magnet

/2 ½ Ton Large Button Magnet
  • 2 ½ Ton Large Button Magnet

2 ½ Ton Large Button Magnet, Precast Concrete Button Magnets, StackRail Magnet, Formwork Button Magnets, Huge Magnetic Blocks, 2 ½ Ton Shuttering Magnets

1 Ton Button Magnet Feature:

– Part No. : HSUSA-2TBM
– High Forces from 2 ½ Ton / 2500 kgs
– Function:building formworks holding
– Integrated automatic mechanism with steel springs
– Magnetic power of 2500 kg, depending on Ground Surface (steel, thickness, temperatur, ruffness)
– The Springs pull the formwork down to the Table and prevent the penetration of concrete
– Same magnet can be used for different purposes
– Adapters for your demand can be delivered on request
– Changing the formwork just by removing three screws
– Materials (Steel and Polyurethane) resistant against concrete
– Very leight weight
– Simple and safe handling
– Simple servicing due to open system
– Easy to clean

This formwork-system(Part No. HSUSA-2TBM), consist of a formwork-profile with integrated magnetic tension-mechanism, which can be used in different formwork’s. It is specially suitable for the production of filigran- respectively double walls and lattice girder ceilings.

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Product Range


USA Stadard:

Part NO. Description
HSUSA-500TBM ½ Ton Button Magnet
HSUSA-1TBM 1 Ton Button Magnet
HSUSA-2TBM 2 ½ Ton Button magnet
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