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150 lb. Lift Handle Magnet

/150 lb. Lift Handle Magnet
  • 150 lb. Lift Handle Magnet
  • handle magnets

150 lb Lift Handle Magnet, 150 lbs. Powerful Industrial Handle Magnet Huge 5.2″L x 2″W x 4″H, Lifting Handle Magnet, Powerful Handle Magnet Lifts Up To 150 lbs w/ Red Handle, Heavy Hand Held Magnets

Handle Magnet Specification:

Max. Lifting Capacity: 150 lb.
Magnet Material: Ceramic and Steel
Handle Type: Loop Handle
Color: Red Paint (Blue or other customized)
Max. Heat Resistant Temp.: 300 Degrees F
Magnet Width: 2″
Magnet Length: 5″
Magnet Height: 5″
Weight: 2.26 Lbs.

Use to lift heavy metal coils, auto parts, shelving, beams, doors & more – up to 150lbs!!!

Handle magnets clean up scattered ferrous metal objects, including screws, nuts and bolts. Lift or position medium weight objects including tools and lights. Each features solid steel construction with welded handles. Lift, suspend, hold, or retrieve metal objects.

Hand held magnets – Retrieve iron objects. Remove nails, screws and other iron objects from degreasing and paint tanks. Lift heavy metal objects such as shelving, sheet metal and doors. Powerful handle magnet lifts and holds large pieces of sheet metal quickly during fabrication. Or, holds equipment with hooks on vertical steel surfaces to organize equipment. Quickly clean up scattered iron objects including screws, nuts and bolts or separate ferrous metal items from non-ferrous metal. Magnet weighs 2.25 pounds.
Use magnets to clean up scattered iron objects such as screws, nuts and bolts, to separate magnetic from non-magnetic materials, plus much more. Permanent magnetism guaranteed! All powerful handle magnets are red.

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Product Range

Part No. Lbs. Pull Dimensions in Inches Weight (Lbs.)
Length Width Height
HS-HDM-25 25 1.062 0.75 2.375 0.25
HS-HDM-50 50 2 0.75 2 0.42
HS-RHM-01/02 100 4.5 1 3.375 0.84
HS-HDM-100 100 4 0.75 2.375 0.75
HS-HDM-150 150 5 2 5 2.26
HS-HDM-225 225 5.25 2 5 5.04


handle magnet

handle magnet

Powerful Industrial Lifting Handle Magnet

150_lb_Handle_Magnet _Bottom

150_lb_Handle_Magnet _Bottom

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