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1300lbs Capacity Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Crane 600kg

/1300lbs Capacity Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Crane 600kg
  • 1300lbs Capacity Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Crane 600kg

1300lbs Capacity Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Crane 600kg Load Iron Steel Sheet Plate Magnetic Lifter Tools, Hoist & Lift Equipment Lifting Magnets, Super-Powerful Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Lifting with Release, Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Crane for Lifting Steel Sheets, Plates, Blocks, and Cylinders, Handling Permanent Magnet Lifter China Supplier

1300lbs Capacity Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Crane 600kg Specifications
Color: Yellow
Model: PML-6 / PML-600
Rated Load Capacity 1300 lb / 600 kg
Max. pull off: 4000 lb / 1200 kg
Temperature Range <176°F / 80°C

Weight & Dimensions
Total Weight 48 lbs / 22 Kg
Packaging Details
NW1 Net Weight 44 lbs / 20 Kg
GW1 Gross Weight 48 lbs / 22 Kg
PD1 Packaging Length 8 in / 20.32 cm
PW1 Packaging Width 9 in / 22.86 cm
PH1 Packaging Height 14 in / 35.56 cm

Features a high-performance permanent neodymium magnet, strong in magnetic pull and light weight
V style design can lift round steel objects like steel pipes
3:1 safety factor, it has high safety performance and higher efficiency
The magnetic lifter can be used to lift steel sheets, blocks, rods, cylinders and other steel materials
3 Year Warranty, Service and Parts Available in Stock

Magnet lifter has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB magnet. On and off magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual handle. The lifters have the features of strong attraction, smaller volume, lighter weight, powerful lifting effort, easy and safe to operate, long-period effort and without power supply. They are been used to lift and transport the steel and iron for factories, docks, ware houses, and so on.

Magnetic Lifts are made of high quality steel and strong powerful rare earth magnets by grinding, welding, screwing process in most reasonable design. It is very convenience for worker operation because that on and off are controlled by turning the handle without extra power. Hoist & Lift Equipment Lifting Magnets PML-20, 2000kg PML Series Heavy Duty Permanent Sheet Plate Magnetic Lifter Tool

HSMAG serious magnetic lifters are mainly used in shipyards, structural parts factories, warehouses, workshops, freight yards, etc. It can be used with various lifting equipment in the suction special plate massive ferromagnetic materials or workpieces, also can be suitable for suction steel plate, casting Ingots and section steel, and also can be used to suck and transport scrap steel and broken iron, which can be used in a single unit, or multiple units can be used to suck and transport large and long ferromagnetic materials. It is used for easy operation, strong suction force, safe and reliable, etc. It is already used widely in factories, warehouse transportation, and so on to save more time and labor productivity. Permanent Neodymium Magnetic Lifter 1300 lb. / 600 kg

This brand new neodymium lift will make your material handling a breeze. It requires no electricity and is perfect for remote areas and more! Heavy Duty Steal Lifting Magnet Magnetic Lifter Hoist Extra strong neodymium magnets No need for electricity – No electrical shocks or damages! Low residual magnetism for rapid handling Large U-Loop shackle hook allows easy attachment of slings V slot of bottom lifting face – lift round and flat
material! Lightweight, Durable, Sturdy and Reliable Easy Use:
Handle with On & Off Control – Attach or Detach Material; Lift Steel Sheets, Blocks, Rods, and Other Magnetic Material Maximum Weight Capacity – 2000KG or 4400 lbs; Maximum Weight (Curved Surface) & Vertical Lift: 700KG or 1540 lbs;

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Product Range




220LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 440LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 660LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 880LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet
Maximum Weight Capacity 220LBS 440LBS 660LBS 880LBS
Operating Temperature < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃
Item Dimensions 5″x3″x3″ 6″x3″x3″ 8″x3″x4″ 8″x3″x4″


1300LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 2200LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 3300LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 4400LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet
Maximum Weight Capacity 1300LBS 2200LBS 3300LBS 4400LBS
Operating Temperature < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃
Item Dimensions 10″x4″x5″ 11″x6″x5″ 12″x6″x5″ 16″x6″x7″
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