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100Kg Capacity Steel Neodymium Magnetic Lifter PML-100

/100Kg Capacity Steel Neodymium Magnetic Lifter PML-100
  • 100Kg Capacity Steel Neodymium Magnetic Lifter PML-100

100Kg Capacity Steel Neodymium Magnetic Lifter PML-100, 220LB / 100KG Manual Magnetic Lifter for Scraps and Cast Iron PML-1, Portable Handheld Magnetic Lifting Equipment, Industrial Permanent Magnetic Steel Plate Lifter, NdFeB Magnetic Tool, Neodymium Iron Permanent Magnet Chuck Magnetic Spreader, Lift Magnet for Metal Lifting, Hoist, Shop Crane, Block, Board China Supplier

100Kg Capacity Steel Neodymium Magnetic Lifter PML-100  Specifications
Color: Yellow / Red / Custom
Model: PML-1 / PML-100
Lifting Magnet PML
Ultra compact, solid and low-maintenance PML lifting magnet with an adjustable lifting eye
High Safetymargin (1:3)
Suitable for flat and round material
Compact, low weight, robust and low Maintenance
Item net weight: 3kg(6.6 lb)

Automatic Hands Free Permanent Lifting Magnet attracts and releases a steel plate alternatively every time it raises from and lands on the ground, without manually turning a lever. No electricity or battery required. Smooth operation and easy maintainence. It is a necessity for loading and unloading steel plates from burn tables and anywhere that limits operator access, or for repetitive lifting tasks. All models are designed and produced with safety factor 3:1, in accordance to ASME 30.20 Standard.

Magnet lifter, max. 100 kg lifting capacity
This magnet lifter can easily be attached to magnetic materials. Afterwards this materials can be lifted with a crane or similar devices.
No electricity is required. The magnet lifter is activated by a lever. In the off-position the magnet is deactivated and there is no magnetic force on the outside. After putting it on the work piece, you simply put the lever to the on-position and the magnet is activated. Now the work piece can be lifted with a crane or similar device. When the piece is at the target location you just have to put the lever into the off-position again and the magnet can be removed.

Uses for our Magnetic Lifter:
In loading and unloading, the lifter can hoist iron/steel blocks, cylinders and others onto magnetic materials for linkage or connection. It is very convenient for application in loading, unloading and moving. HSMAG’ lifters are the most ideal lifting facility for factories, docks, warehouses and transportation. PML-100 Super Strong Neodymium Lifter Magnet

HSMAG’ range of magnetic lifters are light and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic attraction and safe in handling.

Farmers work the same hours as their livestock, crops and country. A farmer working alone, using a magnetic lifter is able to safely load and unload bundles of steel fencing posts and rolls of wire, long steel gates and high steel stock yard sections onto and off a truck. Alone. Night or day. Foul weather or fair.

Magnetic Lifter Feature

RUGGED MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION】- This magnetic lifter is made with N42-45 magnets, strong in magnetic suction. Highly efficient painting technology prevents corrosion and rust, but also increase the aesthetic effect.

【SUFFICIENT LIFTING CAPACITY】- A large U-loop shackle hook allows easy attachment of slings and greatly increase the adsorption area of the sucker, the permanent magnet lifter has the lifting capacity to absorb plane steel plate and round tube.

【SAFETY PROTECTION】- Equipped with non-slip handle, high-strength shackle hook and several safety bolts, it greatly enhances the security and stability of use and makes the work more convenient. 220LB / 100KG Magnetic Lifter Permanent Neodymium Magnet

【FLEXIBLE USAGE】- The design of the rotating shaft is more convenient to control the magnet lifter, which turns left to open the suction and right to close the suction. And the safety bolt can fix the handle precisely.

【VARIOUS APPLICATION AREA】- An excellent tool for electricity, engineering, transportation and mining world which is used for lifting steel sheet, block, rod, cylindrical and other magnetic material.

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Product Range




220LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 440LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 660LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 880LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet
Maximum Weight Capacity 220LBS / 100KGS 440LBS / 200KGS 660LBS / 300KGS 880LBS / 400KGS
Operating Temperature < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃
Item Dimensions 5″x3″x3″ 6″x3″x3″ 8″x3″x4″ 8″x3″x4″


1300LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 2200LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 3300LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet 4400LBS Lifting Capability Lifting Magnet
Maximum Weight Capacity 1300LBS / 600KGS 2200LBS / 1000KGS 3300LBS / 1500KGS 4400LBS / 2000KGS
Operating Temperature < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃ < = 80 ℃
Item Dimensions 10″x4″x5″ 11″x6″x5″ 12″x6″x5″ 16″x6″x7″

Specifications Chart:

Model Load(kg) L H B R N/W(kg) G/W(kg) Package(mm) Max. Load(kg)
PML-100 100 123 62 67 170 3 4 240*160*160 300
PML-400 400 195 95 92 210 10 11 320*200*170 1200
PML-600 600 246 120 115 243 20 22 370*230*230 1800
PML-1000 1000 298 153 135 270 36 39 430*280*240 3000
PML-2000 2000 395 172 165 370 70 73 520*300*310 5000
PML-3000 3000 480 175 165 370 88 92 600*300*310 7500
PML-5000 5000 570 230 215 600 198 213 730*400*480 12500
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