Ferrite Pot Magnets

Ferrite pot magnets (Ceramic pot magnets /Ceramic magnetic bases, round base magnets, Ferrite cup magnets / Ferrite holding pot / Ferrite mounting magnets / flat grippers) with different mounting possibilities

Ferrite shallow pot magnets

Ferrite shallow pot magnets

Types Of Ferrite Pot Magnets :
External Threaded Stud
Internal Threaded Mounting
Countersunk Mounting
Through Hole Mounting
Internal Threaded Stud
Threaded Through Hole
Eyelet bolt
Hook or Ring
Ferrite Shallow Pot / Round Base
Ferrite Limpet Pots

Ferrite Pot Magnets are useful for corrosion resistance, marine, low cost and higher temperature applications.
Variants are available with ferrite magnetic core, with threaded socket, countersunk or cylinder bore or external thread.

Ferrite-pot-magnetsFerrite holding pot magnets, also called ceramic pot ferrites, have a mild steel casing over a Ferrite ring magnet with a round central hole for fixing a bolt, rivet or screw, through for attaching to non-magnetic surfaces.

With no moving parts the Ferrite pot requires no maintenance beyond ensuring the magnet is clean and has a long life. Hangseng Magnetech ferrite pots are commonly used for general holding and attaching applications on to a wall, ceiling or other surfaces. Our ceramic holding magnets are the best option for those who require a good value magnet with a strong pull force.

Ferrite ceramic magnetic pot

Ferrite ceramic magnetic pot

Please contact us by E-mail usor call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need, if you require any additional information about our Ferrite Holding Pot Magnet’s uses and applications.

Magnetic Hook, Round Base Magnet Fastener with Bolt Chrome Plate

Round Base Magnet with Fastener Bolt and Nut

Pot Magnet with Fastener (Bolt and Nuts), Round Base Post Magnet, Ceramic Magnetic Hook, Round Base Magnet Fastener with Bolt and Nut Chrome Plate, Coat and Garment Rack, Mount-It Magnet with Attached Screw and Nuts Round Base Magnet with Fastener Feature: Magnet with bolt, securely-mounted, includes 3 nuts Material Type Ferrite (Ceramic) , Low Carbon Steel Magnet holds […]

Magnetic Hook Fastener Eyebolt Magnet

Magnetic Hook, Round Base Magnet Fastener with Eyebolt

Magnetic Hook with Fastener and Eyebolt, Round Base Magnet Fastener with Eyebolt, Round Base Eyebolt Magnet, Pot Magnet with Eyebolt and Nut Round Base Magnet Fastener Feature: Magnet with securely-mounted eyebolt, Neodymium or Ferrite, Low Carbon Steel Magnet holds 200 pounds on contact with thick, flat, smooth ferrous plate in a vertical test, 50% less on vertical surface holding against sliding […]

colorful strong ferrite square magnetic hooks

Colorful Ferrite Square Magnetic Hooks

Colorful ferrite square decorative magnetic hooks, Brief seamless super suction and no trace ferrite magnet hook microwave refrigerator door ceramic magnetic hook  Ferrite Square Magnetic Hooks Feature: Type: Permanent Magnet Composite: Ferrite Magnet Shape: Square Magnetic Hook Category: Magnetic Tool Coating: Colorful Painting Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, Green, Nickle Applications: Decoration, Dailyuse, Home, Kitchen, Bathroom Tolerance: […]

Magnetic Wreath Hangers

Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Magnetic Wreath Hanger & Holder, Attract Magnetic Hanger, Magnetic Decor Hooks, Wreath Hanger Magnetic Hooks, Decorative Utility Hook Magnets Magnetic Wreath Hanger come in a variety of popular metal finishes to complement your door hardware while also being strong enough to hold even heavy wreaths! Our unique hook design simplifies the process of hanging a wreath, while […]

Premium Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Premium Magnetic Wreath Hangers

 Premium Magnetic Hooks, Super strong Magnetic Wreath Hanger & Holder, Magnetic Wreath Door Hanger, Magnetic Wreath Holder, Magnetic Wreath Window Hanger Hooks Magnetic Wreath Hangers for hanging door decorations on glass or metal doors. Use both super strong magnetic sides to hang on a single pane window or glass storm door. Or use one magnet hook on a metal surface. […]

Magnetic Decor Hooks Magnetic Wreath Hanger

V-shape Magnetic Hook Magnetic Wreath Holder

V-shape Magnetic Hook, Magnetic Wreath Holder, Magnetic Decor Hooks, Magnetic Wreath Hanger, Decorative Utility Hook Magnets, Magnetic Hook with Decor Hook Chrome Plate, Wizard Universal Magnetic Glass Hook Magnetic Wreath Holder Feature: Designed to hold magnet to magnet through a single pane of glass Each magnet includes a V-shape hook with opening Magnetic Decor Hooks can be used together […]

Magnetic Locker Hooks

Magnetic Locker Hooks

Magnetic Locker Hooks is also called as Locker Magnet Hooks, Spot-On! Magnetic Hooks, Hook Magnet for Stunning Locker Decorating Ideas, Locker room magnetic hooks Magnetic Locker Hooks  – Add our the product to any steel surface – refrigerator, file cabinet or locker – to hold a coat, umbrella, handbag…anything up to five pounds. The locker can be kept neat and […]

Magnetic Spray Gun Hook

Magnetic Spray Gun Hook

Magnetic Spray Gun Hook is also called as Magnetic Spray Gun / Utitlity Hook,Paint Gun Magnetic Hook, Spray Gun Magnetic Holder,Magnetic Gravity Feed Spray Gun Holder Magnetic Spray Gun Hook – Ideal for keeping your spray gun ready to use. Portable, as it attaches securely to spray booth walls, mixing rooms or anywhere that has a metal […]

ferrite pot magnet with 4x int threads

4 Internal Threads Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet

Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet with 4 x internal threads / inner threaded bushings, 4 screw sockets Flat Ceramic Pot Magnet, female threaded Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet Internal Threads Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet – Here we have a very special magnet in the program. It is a galvanized Flat Gripper (Flat Pot Magnet) with ferrite core and 4 threaded bushings […]

flat ferrite pot magnet with notches

Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet with Notches

Flat Hard Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnet with Notches, Zinc Plating, Strong pull force Ceramic Flat Pot Magnet, 6 Notches, Ferrite Cup Magnets Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet has on the outer radius 6 notches in the housing. Through these notches pot magnet remains in the hole firmly fixed and can no longer be pulled out. 1.Magnet Material: hard ferrite (ceramic), shape: disc. […]

hard ferrite pot magnets with eyelet eyebolt

Hard Ferrite Pot Magnets with Eyelet / Eyebolt

Hard Ferrite Pot Magnets with Eyelet / Eyebolt, Eyebolt Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnet, Eyemagnet, Magnetic Eyebolt, Ferrite Cup Magnet with Eyelet or Eyelet Mounting Pot Magnet, Ferrite Recovery Magnet with Eyebolt Hard Ferrite Pot Magnets that produces an Eyelet / Eyebolt, Mounted on a dimension in such way, that the basic pot size and the size of the stud which are given to […]

hard ferrite ceramic pot magnets with internal thread

Internal Thread Ferrite Pot Magnets

Internal Thread Ferrite Pot Magnets, Hard Ferrite Pot Magnets with Internal Thread, Threaded Through Hole Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets, Cup Magnets, Female Thread Ferrite Pot Magnet Internal Thread Ferrite Pot Magnets have a metric internal thread and can be fastened with objects with an external thread. We also carry these magnets with rubber coating. The ceramic magnets are embedded in […]

Ferrite Pot Magnets with Screwed Bush

Screwed Bush Ferrite Pot Magnets

Screwed Bush Ferrite Pot Magnets, Ferrite(Ceramic) Pot magnets with screw socket / magnetic pots with internal threaded bushing / female threaded / ferrite cup magnets with internal threaded stud / boss mounting / Ferrite Internal Female Threaded Stud Pot Magnet Screwed Bush Ferrite Pot Magnets have a screw socket, into which you can screw hooks, eyelets, etc. We also carry […]

Ferrite Pot Magnets with External Thread

Ferrite Pot Magnets External Thread

Ferrite Pot Magnets External Thread, Hard Ferrite Pot Magnet with Male Threaded / External Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting, Ferrite pots with threaded stem,  External Screw Thread Ferrite Pot Magnet Ferrite Pot Magnets External Thread – The Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnet contains a Ferrite disc magnet within a plated steel casing with an external thread . A male threaded can be […]

Ferrite Pot Magnets with Cylindrical Borehole

Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole

Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole, Ferrite pot magnets with borehole or with cylinder bore, Frrite ring magnets in steelpot, Hard Ferrite Pot Magnet with Through Hole Ferrite Pot Magnets Cylindrical Borehole contains a Ferrite ring magnet within a plated steel casing. A cap screw can be used to securely clamp the pot magnet in place (clamping onto steelwork […]

Hard Ferrite Countersunk Shallow Pot Magnet

Ferrite Countersunk Mounting Shallow Pot Magnet

Ferrite (Ceramic) Countersunk Mounting Shallow Pot Magnet also called as Ferrite magnet in steelpot with countersunk borehole / Ferrite pot magnet with countersink / Flat hard ferrite pot magnets with bore and counter bore Countersunk Mounting Shallow Pot Magnet – Ring ferrite magnets in steel pot with countersunk borehole; can be fastened with a countersunk screw. Ferrite (ceramic) shallow […]

Flat Ferrite Holding Pot Magnets

Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets

Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets, Ferrite (Ceramic) Flat Holding Pot Magnets, Ferrite Blind Ended Shallow Pot Magnet Assemblies, Ferrite magnets in steelpot, Glue-in ferrite pot magnets, Ceramic flat pot Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets Feature: These magnets are economical, ferrite magnets, which are chrome plated to give a high corrosion resistance which also makes them robust Good for […]