Magnetic Welding Holder

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Magnetic Welding Holder – Welding magnets are used in many ways when tacking or holding your work piece. There are also welding magnets used for securing to the job connection instead of a clamp. This category contains the many different welding magnets that we stock including welding magnets with on off switch.

These magnetic welding positioners are great for holding sheet metal, tubing, and plate while fabricating or welding. High quality extra strong magnets hold work firmly in place. See our selection of on/off switchable magnets for ultra handy repositioning and cleanup.

Ideal for quick and precise parts positioning in welding, soldering, marking off and other assembly processes.
Designed to be an extra pair of hands to the user,enabling hands free to work safely.
This powerful magnetic welding positioner effectively holds parts to help reduce setup time and improve quality of welding finish. Featuring a convenient on/off switch to release parts, positioner will hold parts at 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 135°, Angular Tolerance: +/-0.05/100mm, Pull Force: 9/ 25/ 30/ 55/ 65/ 75LBS or Customized .

Mini Magnetic Weld Holders

Mini Magnetic Weld Holders 10lbs

Mini Magnetic Weld Holders 10lbs, 45 – 90 – 135 Degrees Welding, Soldering, 10 LBS Mini Magnetic Soldering Welding Welder Hold Holder, 4 Pcs Mini Welding Magnet Aids – Soldering Welder ARC TIG MIG Metal Working Mini Magnetic Weld Holders Features: Part No.: HSMWH-2031 Maximum Working load (lbs.) 10 lb. Quantity: 4pcs Product Height 1/2 in. Product Length […]